Easter in the Vatican

Easter is one of the highly celebrated holidays across the world and the Vatican is, of course, not exempted. It is not surprising to see millions of people in the Vatican during the Easter holidays. Easter is the holiday when Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. The holiday is associated with several traditions and the Pope, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, normally uses the holiday to convey a message of peace, brotherhood and love to the Catholic believers and the entire world.

During Easter, there are a lot of celebrations that take place in the Vatican. The climax of these celebrations is the Easter Mass which is celebrated at St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. The mass is attended by hundreds of thousands of people from different walks of life. Therefore if you wish to attend the Easter Mass, then you will have to book a ticket ahead. You can do either at the Vatican offices or on the Vatican website. Make sure to arrive early for the mass because even if you have tickets you may not be admitted if there is no room. Take into account that going through security may take awhile. Also, if you are attending mass make sure to adhere to the dress code; miniskirts, sleeveless shirts and shorts are not acceptable at mass.

If you are planning to spend your Easter holiday in the Vatican, then it is recommended to book your hotel well ahead. Also it is a good idea to request for tickets for the Easter Mass at least 4 months before Easter. Many people visit the Vatican on Easter and the accommodation facilities and Easter mass tickets may be unavailable if wait to long with the booking.

There are lots of things you can do in Vatican during Easter; depending on your preferences. The weather at this time of year is usually very pleasant if you want to go on beach tours, swim, visit parks and gardens and explore other outdoor activities. There are many attractions in the Vatican area including the Vatican museums and St. Peter's basilica.

St. Peter’s Square, where the Easter Mass is celebrated, is decorated exquisitely with flowers in honor of the Easter mass. During Easter Sunday, after the Easter mass, the Pope greets and blesses the faithful all over the world when giving the Urbi et Orbi address. For many visitors this blessing, together with the Easter mass, is the highlight of their visit to the Vatican during Eater time. This address is broadcasted by radio and television all over the world and millions of people hear it.

If visiting during Easter, take into account that since there are more tourists, everything might take a little longer including queues to the museums so try to book tickets ahead. For a small fee you can book your Vatican Museum tickets online.