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  • The Vatican and Rome are holy cities to the Roman Catholic Christian faith.
The Vatican and Rome are holy cities to the Roman Catholic Christian faith. Rome is the seat of the Papacy since the 1st century AD and later home to the Vatican, where the Pope resided since the 14thcentury. Traditionally, the See of Rome was founded by Saint Peter who first held the position of the Pope or Bishop of Rome. According to UNESCO St. Peter's basilica in the Vatican is the largest religious building in the world. Today Rome has a Cathedral and more than 900 Churches and some of the most prominent Catholic churches can be found there as well as many important Catholic institutes. For Catholic believers, Rome is more than a tourist attraction but also a center for pilgrimage and Prayer.

The Vatican is situated in a walled enclave inside Rome. The Pope's residence is also known as the Apostolic Palace and it is located North-East of the St. Peter's basilica.. Since 1984 all of Vatican State is acknowledged as a UNESCO world heritage site. The main tourist attractions in the Vatican are: St. Peter's basilica, Vatican gardens, St. Peter's Square, and the Vatican Museums with their impressive collections of art, maps and statues. The entrance to the Basilica and Square are free of charge. Note that visitors are asked to dress appropriately when entering the church.

Since February 1929 Vatican City State is a sovereign state of the Holy See. This was established by the signing of the Lateran Treaties. The Vatican's status as a sovereign State is recognized universally.

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I'll be fine. I haven't always thought I'd be a pilgrim, it justly is! I send my celibate and chaste observances, though I'm technically not a nun, I've longed for secular lay ministry in the Carmelite order. I will prepare for the school year & practice my Roman Catholic Christian prayer booklet. On This Wednesday, I begin my formation and study. I began reading The Joy of Love, Amoris Laetitia, ... more and took it to my broken but mended heart. I am healing and I am thankful for my missionary work that I was in position, which now leads me to my Divine Spouse on the Little Way of St. Therese! and my devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and faithfulness to the Magesterium. "Have a Blessed Day!"