Vatican Pope

Pope Francis - first Angelus Prayer at the Vatican

By 5/14/2018

At his first Angelus on the 17th of March 2013 Pope Francis made a first appearance from his window in the Apostolic Palace. Pope Francis spoke to an overflowing crowd in St. Peter's Square and his message was a message of hope. Despite the bad weather more than 100,000 people came to catch a glimpse of the pope for his first scheduled appearance in St. Peter's Square since the night of his election on the 13th of March.

He told the crowd to avoid despair and remember God's mercy to sinners. Also the new Pope showed spontaneity when he told two jokes right after his very first Angelus prayer.

"The Lord never tires of forgiving…It is we who tire of asking for forgiveness." The pope said these words before he lead his listeners in the prayer of the midday Angelus.

In accordance with his trademark informality, he opened the address with a casual greeting of buongiorno! Pope Francis said while commenting on the day's Gospel that Jesus treated a woman caught in adultery without scorn but instead with "words of love, of mercy."

More on the subject of forgiveness Pope Francis said: "we get tired of asking forgiveness. Let us never get tired. Let us never get tired. He is the loving Father who always forgives, who has that heart of mercy for all of us. And let us also learn to be merciful with everyone. Let us call upon the intercession of the Madonna who has held in her arms the Mercy of God made human."

At the end of the prayer Pope Francis wished everyone a “nice Sunday and a nice lunch.”