Vatican Pope

Pope Benedict XVI - Easter Mass

By 5/14/2018

Easter is a very Important and holy celebration in the Roman Catholic Church. Wonderful celebrations take place in the Vatican. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ after his crucifixion. Christ Rose after three days and Easter is celebrated on the day on which he rose. On Easter Morning there is a huge Mass in St. Peter's square in the Vatican. This is one of the most popular celebrations at the Vatican. After Mass, at noon ,the blessing "Urbi et Orbi "(to the city and to the world) is given from Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. As part of the urbi et orbi blessing punishment for venial sins is diminished by a plenary indulgence that is attached to the Pope's blessing.

The blessing is broadcasted by television and radio all over the world. The blessing is extended to all those who hear it, including those who are not actually at St. Peter's Basilica. The Pope usually includes in the blessing a message concerning hope and the renewal of faith.

Following is the beginning of Pope Benedict the VI's Urbi et Orbi Message for Easter 2012. 

"Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rome and throughout the world!

“Surrexit Christus, spes mea” – “Christ, my hope, has risen” (Easter Sequence).

Every Christian relives the experience of Mary Magdalene. It involves an encounter which changes our lives: the encounter with a unique Man who lets us experience all God’s goodness and truth, who frees us from evil not in a superficial and fleeting way, but sets us free radically, heals us completely and restores our dignity. This is why Mary Magdalene calls Jesus “my hope”: he was the one who allowed her to be reborn, who gave her a new future, a life of goodness and freedom from evil. “Christ my hope” means that all my yearnings for goodness find in him a real possibility of fulfillment  with him I can hope for a life that is good, full and eternal, for God himself has drawn near to us, even sharing our humanity."