Microscope Slide Diatomaceous Bourgogne Microscope Slide 1915 Bausch Lomb Antique Microscope Slide Maker Leitz Wetzlar Brass Microscope 19Th Century Antique Glass Microscope Antique 1915 Bausch Lomb Brass Cast Iron Microscope Microscope Pat Wetzlar Brass Iron Microscope Antique Bausch Lomb Optical Antique Spencer Microscope Antique Zeiss Microscope Antique Ernst Leitz Wetzlar 19Th Century Antique Microscope Slides Century Antique Microscope Slides- Brass Field Microscope Microscope Circa Microscope Serial Brass Microscope Circa Spencer Brass Antique Microscope Wood Brass Carl Zeiss 19Th Century Antique Microscope Slide Medical Microscope Spencer Lens Co German Microscope Spencer Buffalo 19Th Century Antique Glass Microscope Slide- Drum Microscope Reichert Wien Antique Carl Zeiss Jena Pocket Microscope Antique Binocular Microscope Bausch Lomb Optical Co Antique Carl Zeiss Antique Brass Field Dissecting Microscope Antique Bausch Lomb Brass Antique Pocket Microscope Flatters Garnett Antique Bausch Lomb Brass Microscope Co Microscope Beck Microscope Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Brass Microscope Microscope Lenses Brass Monocular Microscope Continental Microscope Vintage Spencer Lens Bausch Lomb Brass Microscope Vintage Bausch Lomb Microscope Smith Beck Vintage Spencer Buffalo Antique Spencer Various Spp Bausch Lomb Brass Antique Medical Dental Antique Spencer Lens Co Field Microscope Diatom Microscope Slide Monocular Microscope Microscope W Wooden Microscope With Wooden Victorian Microscope Slides Beck London Carl Zeiss Jena Microscope Bausch Lomb Optical Student Microscope Cm Topping Student's Microscope Antique Microscope Slides 19Th Century Antique Glass Microscope Slides Century Antique Glass Microscope Slides Spencer Microscope Microscope Nr Jt Norman 1861 Bourgogne Microscope In Wood Microscope W Wood Microscope With Wood Oil Immersion Antique Victorian Microscope Slide Compound Microscope Slides Circa Antique Bausch Lomb Microscope Scientific Microscope Carl Zeiss Jenna Hensoldt Wetzlar Cross Section Wb Lewis Scientific Apparatus Thin Section Aloe Co Biological Microscope Polariscope Viewing Antique Bausch Lomb Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Edmund Wheeler Travel Microscope Antique Scientific Tottenham Nr Antique Bausch And Lomb Tami Pocket Scientific Instrument Extra Lenses Antique Lab Equipment Baush Lomb 3 Objectives Victorian Microscope Slide Central Scientific Microscope Slides For Polariscope Hensoldt Wetzlar Tami Pocket Expedition Pocket Field Lacquered Brass Microscope Slides Human Lab Microscope Brass Student's Microscope Lamp Optic Microscope Microscope Accessory Old Zeiss Microscopes Watson Son Chemistry Science Microscope Slides Ca Magnifier Glass 1 X 3 19Th Century Antique Alte Zeiss Mikroskop American Optic Antique Antique 1800'S Antique Bausch Lomb Optic Co Antique Binoculars Antique Brass Antique Brass Microscope Antique Cast Iron Antique French Antique German Antique Lab Antique Magnifier Stand Antique Medical Antique Medical Instruments Antique Microscope Slide Antique Microscope Slides Maker Antique Microscope Slides Maker Cole Deum Antique Microscope Slides Maker Richard Suter Antique Microscope Slides Norman Prepared Antique Pocke5t Microscope Antique Print Antique Victorian Microscope Slides Diatomaceous Antique Vintage Antique Vintage Brass Bausch Bausch And Lomb Bausch And Lomb Microscope Bausch Lomb Bausch Lomb Microscope Bausch Lomb Optic Co Bell Jar Binocular Binocular Microscope Blown Glass Brass Brass Cast Brass Microscope Brass Pocket Buffalo Ny Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss Jena Cast Iron Century Brass Circa 1800'S Compass Diatom From Various Locations Microscope Slides Diatom Microscope Slides Eye Piece French Brass German Brass Gilbert Jug Handled Jug Handled Microscope Lab Equipment Lamp Late 1800S Leitz Leitz Wetzlar Leitz Wetzlar Microscope Magfiying Glass Magnafiying Glass Medical Dental Microscope Microscope Box Microscope Eyepieces Microscope Germany Microscope Illuminator Microscope Model Microscope Objective Microscope Objective Lens
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Location: Morehead City, United States
Beautifully made and finished from Solid Mahogany Wood, with a Hidden Velvet Lined Sliding Drawer on the side. If you have a preference of Carrier we ... morewill accommodate.
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Of "Papaw Tree ", made by a professional slide maker circa 1840-50s,a prolific but currently unidentified maker. Dry mounted sections with coverglass ... morefixed in place by Red-Wax and Black Paper. These include Brightfield, Darkfield, Oblique, Crossed Polarizing Filters (Polariscope) with and without Selenites, Phase Contrast, DIC, etc.
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Location: Paris VI, France
England, circa 1852; brass, steel, glass and wood.
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Location: Minden, United States
Includes extras: slides, eyepiece, slide adjuster, case with lock & key, etc.
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Location: Paris VI, France
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Location: Mary Esther, United States
This early model (circa 1876-1879) is unnumbered. Engraved 'Watson & Son; 313 High Holborn; London'.

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Antique Medical & Veterinary Microscope slides circa 1890
Antique medical and veterinary microscope slides. Comprising 25 slides(see photos for condition) most with handwritten labels with subject for example"From Urinary Bladder" dated 13/5/90 initialled E.G.F. probably 1890) Tonsil" Logwood 27/6/90 initialled E.G.F. French slide with green paper label, Nerve of Cat" Mammary Gland" 4/7/90, Gray's"ELEGY" written in a country church-yard 277 J.B.D" printed paper label, Epiglottis" Bronchus" Salamandra. T.S. Testis" R.A. Haynes, T.S. Pinna of Human Foetus" the case is probably mahogany and measure approx 3.5cm high x 20.5cm wide x 9cm deep Please note I can normally only post on Saturdays.
FOUND WITH A 1870 MICROSCOPE. WE ARE GOING TO SELL THE SLIDES AND THE NIFTY MICROSCOPE SLIDE CASE. MARKED: SUGAR IN DIABETES. TYPICAL URINARY DEPOSIT. CYSTINE OR CYSTIC OXIDE. TYPICAL URINARY DEPOSIT. CARBONATE OF LIME. FROM THE HUMAN SUBJECT. UREA. URINARY SERIES. PLUMROSE QUINIDINE. Shipping: Domestic shipping: I ship products using USPS& UPS. I do not charge a handling charge. Tracking or insurance is included in the shipping price. Local pickup available upon request. International shipping: I ship products using USPS. Please. Be aware of your local customs office for details on how you can claim items if your package has been delayed longer than 15 days above normal delivery time. I do not charge a handling charge. Insurance is required on international purchases to ensure your item gets to you safely. Buyer is responsible for all ... moretaxes, duties, brokerage and customs fees. We do not know those charges throughout the world. Returns and Refunds: Return Policy- We are proud to offer returns within reason. I will accept returns. Within 14 days of close of transaction within reason. Returns are based on buyer contact. Refund will be made in the same method as it was received by me. meaning if you paid by Paypal- you will get a Paypal refund. We do not sell on approval nor offer buyers remorse refunds- returns only if not as described. Communication: We check email frequently. If you do not receive a response to your question within 24 hours- it's possible we may not have gotten your email. If you have bid on the item. You can get our phone number emailed to you through the contact member feature of eBay. Feedback: We are happy to leave feedback for our customers. We would appreciate that once you receive your item. You also leave us feedback. I strive to be a 5 star seller. Your feedback is critical to my success on eBay. If you feel that you cannot leave a Positive comment with all 5 stars- I WILL EARN IT. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason. I am here to exceed your expectations!
TWO MICROSCOPE SLIDES OF DIAMTOMS DIATOMACAE CIRCA 1895. TWO DIAMTOM SLIDES FROM AROUND 1895. MOUNTER UNKNOWN. IMAGES SHOWN ARE X40 AND X400. U.K. buyer pays $8 pp. U.S.A. buyer pays $17 shipping(airmail/insured/tracked/signed for) OTHER COUNTRIES. PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR COST OF POSTAGE; PLEASE NOTE.IF YOU DON'T HAVE AT LEAST 10 POSITIVE FEEDBACKS. THEN PLEASE EMAIL ME BEFORE BIDDING. RE PAYMENT ETC. PAYMENT OPTIONS Preferred payment method www.PAYPAL.com direct with your credit card Personal or Bank Cheques in Pounds sterling(GBP) No Charge if drawn on a U.K. account. Good Luck with your bidding and please view my other Ebay auctions. To avoid any confusion. we are based in the U.K. and U.K. buyer pays $8 pp and U.S.A. buyer pays $17 shipping(airmail/insured/signed for
Museum Quality Antique '' Craig's Lencs'' Microscope Circa 1860's + 14 Slides
YOU ARE BIDDING ON A: Museum Quality Antique' Craig's Lencs' Microscope Circa 1860's + 15 Slides I CAREFULLY EXAMINED THE SET: THERE IS SOME FINISH LOSS ON THE LEN'S BODY. SOME MINOR WEAR& TEAR AND SOME MINOR DINGS- THE SET IS IN VERY GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION THE LENS/ MICROSCOPE/ IN WORKING CONDITION ESTIMATED MAGNIFICATION IS 50 X-100X- NOT UDJUSTABLE JUST TO LOOK IN TO THE LENS. YOU WILL LOVE THE DETAILS OF THE SAMPLES SIZE: 6' TALL- slides: 1/4' X 2' ALL IN GOOBLED CONDITION- SOME HAS SOME WATER MARK ON. ALL WIWABLE- CATERPILLAR'S FUR-EREWING'S LEG-GRASS HOPPER'S FOOT-HUMMING BIRD'S FEATHER- BEE'S TONGUE- BEE'S FOOT- PORTULAEA ANTHER- CRICKET'S LEG? CHERRY SKIN- SPIDER'S LEG- ROACH FEELER- WOOL- LORUSE? 1 UNMARKED SHIPPING WEIGHT: 1 LBS[ALL] As seen in the pictures. What ... moreyou see is what you will receive. The shipping for Canada is $ 15 and USA is $ 20. Any other international buyers please e-mail me for shipping info before bidding, because the shipping can be significantly more for other countries. few examples on the bottom] I will combine shipping for extra items purchased. To save on shipping when possible. All items will be shipped using the most efficient. Weight suitable option via Canada Post. If you would like to buy any more items please let me know. So that the shipping may be combined. BID WITH CONFIDENCE. YOU HAVE 2 WEEKS TO DECIDE WANT TO KEEP OR NOT-THE SHIPPING COST IS NOT REFUNDABLE FOR THIS ITEM If you have any question please e-mail me. Thank you for looking. Import duties. Taxes, and charges not included. Free local pick-up[no shipping charge] IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS BEFORE YOU LEAVE FEEDBACK. AND YOU ARE NOT 100% SATISFIED WITH YOUR PURCHASE, PLEASE LET ME NOW SO THAT THE DISCREPANCY CAN BE SETTLED. PLEASE LEAVE A FEEDBACK. THEN I WILL AS WELL. EXAMPLES] Shipping to California 91710. USA 6' x 6' x 4' 1.15 lbs SMALL POCKET $ 12, no insurance no tracking 12' x 12' x 6' 2.1 lbs. $18[TRACKED POCKET] be
Antique Paper Wrapped Slides in Wooden Case, Circa 1800's
ANTIQUE PAPER WRAPPED SLIDES WITH CASE. CIRCA 1800's A wooden case of 36 paper-wrapped slides. All in excellent condition. The slides are a smaller size, most of the slides measure 2 1/4" L X 3/4" wide, and other slides measure a bit larger. The paper wrapping is not one particular preparator or style, but many. The paper wrapping of each slide is in excellent condition. The slides are mostly insect or plant specimens. The case has six(6) removable slide trays and six(6)slide slots per tray. The front of the case will fold down so the slide trays can be easily accessible and has two(2) C" clips to secure the case closed. The case measures 8 1/4" x 4" x 1 1/2" A nice set of Small Paper-Wrapped Slides!
Antique Victorian Paper Wrapped Slides, Circa 1800's
ANTIQUE VICTORIAN PAPER WRAPPED SLIDES. CIRCA 1800's A wooden slide case with twelve(12) trays of antique slides. For a total of 72 slides, primarily from the Victorian 1800 time period. The slides are in excellent condition, no cracking or broken slides. There are images of almost all of the trays of slides. Examples of some of the slides are: Diatomageae by various preparators such as R and J Beck, Eggs of moth, many diatom slides, Polycystina slides, slide of wool, slide of Hummingbird feathers, unusual paper design on six(6) slides. Many slides have round coverslips, some have"ring" mounting, several slides have"yellowing" mounting medium which does not affect viewing the object under the microscope. See all images. The wooden case in in excellent condition and the case closes well and has the traditional"C" ... moreclasps to secure the slide door. It measures 8" l x 4"w x 3 1/2" h. The wooden box of slides is somewhat heavy and will require extra shipping costs. Overall a nice set of Victorian slides!
Antique Brass Barrel Microscope w/ Nice Wood Case and Slides - Circa 1910
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Antique Brass Barrel Microscope w/ Nice Wood Case and Slides- Circa 1910 You are bidding on a very nice antique brass microscope with 5 glass slides and a wooden case. Microscope is believed to be manufactured around 1910. The wood case’s approximate measurements are 8 ½” L x 3” H x 3 ¼” W. An unidentified V ictorian slide-maker nicknamed"Green Papers" is believed to be the maker. H is/her slides are distinctive for their use of green patterned paper. Red papers, and characteristic handwriting. Displays very well
Bourgogne Set of Microscopic Slides, Circa 1840 - 1860
BOURGOGNE SET OF MICROSCOPIC SLIDES. CIRCA 1840- 1860 A small boxed set of Bourgogne prepared microscope slides from 1840- 1860 time period. Joseph Bourgogne was one of the 19th century's unique microscopic slide preparators. His slides were often prepared with his handwritten identification and on occasion his unique printed design. This set of Bourgogne slides consists of seven(7) tan" paperwrapped slides with the starburst printed pattern in the center of the paper label. The slide labeled" Epiderme eherille" is broken but is held together by the paper label and is not noticeable. There are two(2) Bourgogne- Alliot"green" paper wrapped slides. In 1866 the Bourgogne brothers Charles and Eugene had partnered with C. Alliot. A microscopic slide preparator. Their slides were identified on the slide label as"Bourgogne ... moreand Alliot- see image. There is one(1) unusual Bourgogne preparation- a small slide that has green tape on each end, about 1840. This preparation consisted of two(2) coverglass slides with the specimen mounted between them, mounted with balsam and then the green tape wrapped around each end. The slide is identified but the handwriting is faded, still visible with a magnifier. There is one(1) green and yellow wrapped slide that has the Jas Queen label attached. Also included is a yellow paperwrapped slide labeled with"Dumont Preparator" The last slide is a green and yellow paper wrapped slide that is broken but can be easily repaired- see image. A total of thirteen(13) slides. The slides are in a small paper- cardboard box. A nice representative set of Bourgogne microscopic slides!
This is an auction for 56 Antique Circa 1900 Human Microscope Slides. The only identifying mark that I see is on the object register it says Henry Heil Chemical Co. St. Louis, Mo. I am not an expert on microscope slides but I will do my best to describe these slides. Of the 56 slides. 4 are animal slides and 2 I am unsure if they are animal or human.The slides are dirty but the specimens seem to be in good condition. 3 of the slides have a broken corner but the specimen is not affected. The original box shows considerable wear but is functional. Here is a list of the contents: No. 3- Human Blood No. 4- Bone Marrow Cells No. 5- Bone Marrow(Cross Section) No. 6- Lymph Gland No. 7- Spleen No. 8- Hemo Lymph No. 9- Thymus No. 10- Adenoid No. 11- Tonsil No. 12- Peyers Patch No. 14- Urinary Bladder No. 16- Uterus No. 17- Vagina No. 18- Fallopian ... moreTube No. 19- Duurenum No. 21- Esophagus No. 22- Submaxillary Gland No. 23- S. Intestine and Pancreas No. 24- Large Intestine No. 25- Appendix No. 27- Liver No. 28- Tooth No. 29- Tooth No. 30- Tooth No. 33- Trachae No. 34- Lung No. 35- Lrynx No. 36- Thyreoid No. 37- Parathyreoid No. 38- L. Brochus No. 40- Pituitary on Hypophysis Cerebri No. 41- Heart No. 42- Heart No. 43- Kidney No. 44- Kidney No. 45- Testis No. 46- Prostrate No. 47- Ductus Defperens No. 48- Ovary& Part of Oviduct No. 49- Testis No. 50- Liver No. 51- Penis No. 52- Spleen- faint stain No. 53- Sub Maxillary Gland No. 54- Spinal Cord No. 55- Duodenum No. 57- Desophagus-near stomach No. 58- Menstral Uterus No. 60- Funiculus of Sheath Nerve No. 75- Ascaris Div. corner is broken) No. 76- Bone No. 81. 82& 83- Have no label(83 has broken corner) No. 90- Rat Fert. No. 91- Pigs Liver This list is included inside the box. I prepared the list to the best of my ability. BUYER TO PAY $6.00 SHIPPING BY PRIORITY MAIL WHICH INCLUDES INSURANCE AND TRACKING NUMBER. PAYMENT IS BY PAYPAL.I SHIP TO US ONLY.NO APO.
Victorian Paper Wrapped Slides in Wallet, Circa 1800's
VICTORIAN PAPER- WRAPPED SLIDES IN WALLET. CIRCA 1800'S A set of twelve( 12)Victorian Paper-Wrapped slides in a wallet. The slides are in excellent condition. The paper wrapping is all intact and no damages. The slide wrappings are either red or burgundy, green and gold. The slide labels are oval and are hand written, very neat labels- see images. The slide specimens are: Pepper, Hair of Kangaroo Rat, Mimosa twig cross-section, sugar cane, Foraminifera Lerand, Pfiloda Plumosa, Scales of Moth Wings, several spicule slides- all naturalist specimens. The wallet is also in excellent condition, made of pasteboard with a decorative exterior, folds out into a two(2) sided slide wallet with inside flaps to somewhat secure the slides in place. The wallet then slides into a outer protective sleeve-like cover with" Microscopical Preparations" ... moreembossed. A great set of Victorian Paper-Wrapped Naturalist Slides!
Rare Vintage Von Rappard Slides Circa 1800-1900
RARE VINTAGE VON RAPPARD SLIDES. CIRCA 1800- 1900 A set of rare vintage Von Rappard slides. Circa 1800- 1900. These slides were prepared by Conrad Von Rappard, Switzerland. Conrad Von Rappard was born in 1805 in Unna Westphalia, Prussia. One of his ventures led him to biology and an interest in microscopy. He established the company Microscopical Institute of August Menzel and Co. in Switzerland about 1850, which meant"microscopy business" This was one of the first businesses of its kind in Switzerland. More like a microscopical preparation service. He received his doctrate in 1852 on his studies of synaptae. His work led him to many European coasts where he studied sea life, as many of his slides were marine biology life. His slides were a black with gold pattern paper wrapped slides, both in the traditional 1' x 3" but ... morealso in the continental size, 2 5/8" x 5/ 8" His slides also had a specific pattern on the reverse side of the slide. The continental slides were often prepared in sets of 24 or 100, usually of sea life or insects and insect parts. These slides had round identification numbers and there were some slides that may not have these numbers attached or they had fallen off the slide. These numbers were better for the identification of his slides rather than writing because his slides reached many international markets. Each set of slides included a booklet or guide to serve as a key to the slides. This set of slides has 15 slides and comes with a paper written guide to the identification of the slides. Some of the slides area missing- 3,4,5,6,7,10,11,17 and18. The paper guide describes 24 slides. There are few slides that have cracks in the paper wrapping but the cracks do not interfere with the overall slide. Slide 15 has a crack in the coverglass but is not broken and does not interfere with the specimen. There is no box for this set of slides but I will provide a box for them to be stored. Although this set of slides is not perfect, it is an overall excellent set of uniqu
Victorian Set Microscopic Slides, Circa 1800-1900
VICTORIAN SET MICROSCOPIC SLIDES. CIRCA 1800- 1900 In the mid 1800's the preparation of microscopic slides had developed into both an" art" and a" science" With the founding of Histotechnology the art and science of microscopic slide preparation. Both natural science and tissue had begun to advance. Rudolph Virchow's Doctrine of Cellular Pathology, 1858 led to the recognition of microscopic pathology, serving as a vital and essential function of medicine. This recognition led to the birth of Histotechnology. Slides prepared prior to 1850 were mostly of naturalist composition. The slides were usually of glass, hand cut, very sharp edges, uneven and of varying sizes and thicknesses. Most of the slide preparators established decorative"colored papers" with designs to identify and market their work- their ... moresignature. The paper wrapping also providing a protective covering from the sharp cut glass edges. A particular design or pattern, and/ or color would represent a preparator. The paper wrappings along with the design and pattern became the" art" and the technique of preparing the specimen or object became the" science" of Histotechnology. This set of Victorian slides represents numerous microscopic slide preparators- H. Webb. Thomas Groves, F.R. Griffths, J.T. Norman, W.A. Firth, JB" Russell, Smith Beck and Beck, H. Dalton, Wm. Ord C. M. Topping, H. Darleston, R. Sutter, and Jul Burger to name a few. The slides represent insects, some human tissues, insect parts, botany and diatoms. Also are a couple of actual"wooden slides with specimens. There is one paper wrapped slide that has a partially attached/ removed label that reads" Queckett Microscopical Club- see image, a rare find. The set of slides are encased in a wooden slide case that bears the name C. Baker, London- see image. The case has eleven(11) slide trays, each tray holds six(6) slides each and the case has 66 slides total, and not all of the slide trays could be photographed for inse
Wooden Case of Various Microscopic Slides, Circa 1800-1900
WOODEN CASE VARIOUS MICROSCOPIC SLIDES. CIRCA 1800-1900 A wooden slide case of various microscopic slides. The slides range from polariscope preparations. Insects, insect parts, eggs of flea, tissues from St. Bartholomew hospital, diatoms and a set of fungi whole mounts. There are two( 2) trays of the fungi whole mounts, one slide ring coverglass of the fungi is half broken but the specimen is still intact. These slides are labeled at the top with"stamp-like" adhesive labels with numbers beginning with 75 through 84- see image with one( 1) tray shown. The microscopic slide preparators include: J. T. Norman, C. Baker, W. H. Darleson, E. Wheeler, Levant, G. Navigula, W. M. Ord, W. Watson and Son, J. Ross, Thomas Groves, H. Cliff, A. Franks, R and J Beck and J. D. Moller( JDM labels with small initial) The W. M. Ord slide has been ... morerepaired at the bottom but does not affect the specimen- see image. There are eleven( 11) slide trays with six( 6) slides per tray for a total of 66 slides. The wooden slide case is in good condition- the finish is worn but does not affect the case. The case has the label"Millikin and Lawley, 165 Strand, London" see image- and measures 4 1/2"W x 8 1/4"L x 3 1/4"D. The slides will be individually wrapped and placed in a slide box for shipping along with the wooden case. The case is secured with"C" clips. This is still a good representative set of early microscopic slide preparators and interesting specimens!