Microscope Slide Diatomaceous Bourgogne Microscope Slide 1915 Bausch Lomb Antique Microscope Slide Maker Leitz Wetzlar Brass Microscope 19Th Century Antique Glass Microscope Antique 1915 Bausch Lomb Brass Cast Iron Microscope Microscope Pat Wetzlar Brass Iron Microscope Antique Bausch Lomb Optical Antique Spencer Microscope Antique Zeiss Microscope Antique Ernst Leitz Wetzlar 19Th Century Antique Microscope Slides Century Antique Microscope Slides- Brass Field Microscope Microscope Circa Microscope Serial Brass Microscope Circa Spencer Brass Antique Microscope Wood Brass Carl Zeiss 19Th Century Antique Microscope Slide Medical Microscope Spencer Lens Co German Microscope Spencer Buffalo 19Th Century Antique Glass Microscope Slide- Drum Microscope Reichert Wien Antique Carl Zeiss Jena Pocket Microscope Antique Binocular Microscope Bausch Lomb Optical Co Antique Carl Zeiss Antique Brass Field Dissecting Microscope Antique Bausch Lomb Brass Antique Pocket Microscope Flatters Garnett Antique Bausch Lomb Brass Microscope Co Microscope Beck Microscope Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Brass Microscope Microscope Lenses Brass Monocular Microscope Continental Microscope Vintage Spencer Lens Bausch Lomb Brass Microscope Vintage Bausch Lomb Microscope Smith Beck Vintage Spencer Buffalo Antique Spencer Various Spp Bausch Lomb Brass Antique Medical Dental Antique Spencer Lens Co Field Microscope Diatom Microscope Slide Monocular Microscope Microscope W Wooden Microscope With Wooden Victorian Microscope Slides Beck London Carl Zeiss Jena Microscope Bausch Lomb Optical Student Microscope Cm Topping Student's Microscope Antique Microscope Slides 19Th Century Antique Glass Microscope Slides Century Antique Glass Microscope Slides Spencer Microscope Microscope Nr Jt Norman 1861 Bourgogne Microscope In Wood Microscope W Wood Microscope With Wood Oil Immersion Antique Victorian Microscope Slide Compound Microscope Slides Circa Antique Bausch Lomb Microscope Scientific Microscope Carl Zeiss Jenna Hensoldt Wetzlar Cross Section Wb Lewis Scientific Apparatus Thin Section Aloe Co Biological Microscope Polariscope Viewing Antique Bausch Lomb Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Edmund Wheeler Travel Microscope Antique Scientific Tottenham Nr Antique Bausch And Lomb Tami Pocket Scientific Instrument Extra Lenses Antique Lab Equipment Baush Lomb 3 Objectives Victorian Microscope Slide Central Scientific Microscope Slides For Polariscope Hensoldt Wetzlar Tami Pocket Expedition Pocket Field Lacquered Brass Microscope Slides Human Lab Microscope Brass Student's Microscope Lamp Optic Microscope Microscope Accessory Old Zeiss Microscopes Watson Son Chemistry Science Microscope Slides Ca Magnifier Glass 1 X 3 19Th Century Antique Alte Zeiss Mikroskop American Optic Antique Antique 1800'S Antique Bausch Lomb Optic Co Antique Binoculars Antique Brass Antique Brass Microscope Antique Cast Iron Antique French Antique German Antique Lab Antique Magnifier Stand Antique Medical Antique Medical Instruments Antique Microscope Slide Antique Microscope Slides Maker Antique Microscope Slides Maker Cole Deum Antique Microscope Slides Maker Richard Suter Antique Microscope Slides Norman Prepared Antique Pocke5t Microscope Antique Print Antique Victorian Microscope Slides Diatomaceous Antique Vintage Antique Vintage Brass Bausch Bausch And Lomb Bausch And Lomb Microscope Bausch Lomb Bausch Lomb Microscope Bausch Lomb Optic Co Bell Jar Binocular Binocular Microscope Blown Glass Brass Brass Cast Brass Microscope Brass Pocket Buffalo Ny Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss Jena Cast Iron Century Brass Circa 1800'S Compass Diatom From Various Locations Microscope Slides Diatom Microscope Slides Eye Piece French Brass German Brass Gilbert Jug Handled Jug Handled Microscope Lab Equipment Lamp Late 1800S Leitz Leitz Wetzlar Leitz Wetzlar Microscope Magfiying Glass Magnafiying Glass Medical Dental Microscope Microscope Box Microscope Eyepieces Microscope Germany Microscope Illuminator Microscope Model Microscope Objective Microscope Objective Lens
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Location: Andover, United States
Antique Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Solid Brass Microscope SN#26739 ~ Pat. 8-1897 Up for auction(sale) is a Vintage Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Brass ... moreMicroscope My clients husband found this microscope in the remains of an old building and cleaned it up very well. Most all the adjustable parts move. Though some are a little harder than others. It is missing 1 of the 3 magnifying lenses that can rotate to any one of the 3 positions. It may be missing other parts that I don't know about. The eye piece does not appear to be the proper one for this scope, but does fit in the chamber. The mirror at the base does have blemishes on both sides. It has many more options than some of the other scopes that I have found from this era. It has 2 patent dates that I can find, one from Feb 1897& one from Aug. 1897. The serial number is on the base#26739. It is 14 1/2" Tall x 6" Deep x 4 1/4" Wide I was unable to really see anything as I didn't have the knowledge or the material to test. I'm sure that it does need some restoration. Though it is a great looking decorative piece as it sits. This is the condition it has been in for many years and I did not attempt to polish or take apart to clean. If you would like more pictures please let me know I will ship this scope FREE in the Continental United States PayPal only please If you have any questions please ask I strive for 100% approval so if you have any issues please contact me before leaving feedback I will do returns in special situations Thanks for checking out my items. Many more to come in the future We accept Paypal Only at this time. Free shipping in the continental United States. We will ship to Hawaii and Alaska with Priority Shipping. We will ship Internationally by Priority shipping only. If need a quote on shipping please ask and I will get you an answer as quickly as possible. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS-PLEASE NOTE: IMPORT DUTIES. TAXES AND CHARGES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE ITEM PRICE OR SHIPPING CHARGES. THESE CHARGES ARE THE BUYER'S RE
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Location: Leawood, United States
Very very nice unit no issues to speak of.
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Location: Aubrey, United States
I’m pretty sure I have all of the information correct on what kind of ophthalmoscope this is, but feel free to reach out with questions or if there is ... moresomething more specific can look for. Quality and heavy duty!
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Location: Nashville, United States
Storage unit find . I believe it dates to around 1910 . Does work, I have used it to look at a few coins and jewelry
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Location: Lakeland, United States
This antique brass microscope from Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. is a true original and was manufactured prior to 1930. The microscope is a scientific instrument ... morethat has stood the test of time and is sure to impress any collector. It comes with no box, but has been well-preserved over the years. One small stress crack is present, see pictures, but it does not impact the quality or functionality of the microscope. The microsope works good other then the stress crack.The two slide holders look different, I don't know if one was bent a little or they are are little different. I ship U.S. lower forty eight and buyer pays $20. Shipping.
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Location: Katy, United States
ANTIQUE BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO BRASS MICROSCOPE 84689 ROCHESTER. Antique microscopes are sold as-is. I won't be using it, so I don't know if it works ... moreright now. For the detailed description of the item, please check my pictures. If you have questions, please feel free to ask, thank you!
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Location: Hyannis, United States
This is a Bausch and Lomb optical company antique microscope. Patent January 5th. 1915. One int. 0.0025mm. It includes the original instruction book, ... moreoriginal slides, and extra lenses. It has been in my family for 60 years and is in excellent condition. Price $350.00.
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Location: Newton, United States
Vintage Rare Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Wooden Metal Boxes
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Location: Meriden, United States
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Location: Bonsall, United States
This is an antique brass microscope manufactured by Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. before 1930. It comes with its original box, accessories, and slides. Also ... morehas 3 eyepieces 5, 7.5 and 10, Good working condition
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Location: Phelan, United States
The microscope features a range of lenses and knobs that allow for precise focusing and magnification. Its historical significance is evident in the quality ... moreof its construction and the materials used.
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Location: National City, United States
This antique brass binocular microscope was manufactured by Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. It was made before 1930 and is an original piece. While it is incomplete, ... moreit is still a valuable addition to any collection. There are small pieces missing as well as the base. One could add a weighted wood base and mount the microscope for display. The microscope as it sits is just under 5 pounds! The microscope falls under the category of antiques and scientific instruments, specifically microscopes and lab equipment. It does not have a California Prop 65 Warning.
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Location: Apple Valley, United States
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Location: Guthrie, United States
Antique Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Solid Brass Microscope SN#26739 ~ Pat. 8-1897 Up for auction(sale) is a Vintage Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Brass ... moreMicroscope My clients husband found this microscope in the remains of an old building and cleaned it up very well. Most all the adjustable parts move. Though some are a little harder than others. It is missing 1 of the 3 magnifying lenses that can rotate to any one of the 3 positions. It may be missing other parts that I don't know about. The eye piece does not appear to be the proper one for this scope, but does fit in the chamber. The mirror at the base does have blemishes on both sides. It has many more options than some of the other scopes that I have found from this era. It has 2 patent dates that I can find, one from Feb 1897& one from Aug. 1897. The serial number is on the base#26739. It is 14 1/2" Tall x 6" Deep x 4 1/4" Wide I was unable to really see anything as I didn't have the knowledge or the material to test. I'm sure that it does need some restoration. Though it is a great looking decorative piece as it sits. This is the condition it has been in for many years and I did not attempt to polish or take apart to clean. If you would like more pictures please let me know I will ship this scope FREE in the Continental United States PayPal only please If you have any questions please ask I strive for 100% approval so if you have any issues please contact me before leaving feedback I will do returns in special situations Thanks for checking out my items. Many more to come in the future We accept Paypal Only at this time. Free shipping in the continental United States. We will ship to Hawaii and Alaska with Priority Shipping. We will ship Internationally by Priority shipping only. If need a quote on shipping please ask and I will get you an answer as quickly as possible. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS-PLEASE NOTE: IMPORT DUTIES. TAXES AND CHARGES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE ITEM PRICE OR SHIPPING CHARGES. THESE CHARGES ARE THE BUYER'S RE
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Location: Faribault, United States
Antique Appx. 1919 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.
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Location: Titusville, United States
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Location: Mertztown, United States
Softcover catalog with 117 pages, very nicely illustrated. 1914 microscope catalog.
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Location: Healdsburg, United States
| BAUSCH& LOMB ANTIQUE BRASS DOUBLE PILLAR"STUDENT MICROSCOPE" WITH ORIGINAL CHERRY WOOD CASE. SN-6890, 1889, Click to View Image Album ... moreClick to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Normal 0 RARE BAUSCH& LOMB ANTIQUE BRASS DOUBLE PILLAR“STUDENT MICROSCOPE” WITH WOOD CASE– SN-6890- 1889 You are invited to purchase a superb and quite rare antique double pillar Bausch& Lomb Optical Company(B&L O.C. lacquered brass and Japanned black lacquered metal microscope called the“Student Microscope. This is one of the more rare Bausch& Lomb American Type microscope models. It was only manufactured over just a brief 3-year period from 1889 to 1891. The featured instrument is very similar in design to the B&L“The Model” microscope. But it lacks the rack and pinion focus mechanism and is built upon a horseshoe shaped foot with rectangular pillars instead of the“Y”shaped foot with round pillars that characterized“The Model. This instrument bears the name of the manufacturer in fancy script on the top rear face of the circular stage. Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Please see the accompanying close-up image of this inscription) However, this instrument does not bear a typical serial number. For some unknown reason, Bausch& Lomb did not inscribe serial numbers on their earlier microscopes. Instead, they stamped the serial number of the instrument in the front lip of the floor of the wood case that they normally supplied with the microscope. Fortunately, the Cherry wood case that accompanies this instrument has the serial number stamped into the front floor of the case(see close-up image) The serial number“6890” dates the instrument to the year 1889, which plac
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Location: Chillicothe, United States
100% Guaranteed All items are 100% guaranteed as described. Dating and age for antiques are close approximations. The term“Vintage” usually means the ... moreitem is several decades old. Antique” means around 100 years old. Or more. 14 Day Return Policy All sales are final except for items that are grossly misrepresented. Or when you received the wrong items. Buyer is responsible for all returned shipping costs. Returned item must be in original and unharmed condition. Don't return merchandise prior to authorization. Please email any concerns via eBay Message. Place an Item on Hold Due to eBay policy. Any items sold and paid for, are to be shipped within estimated delivery time. If you would like me to hold your item around 7 days, please contact me before making your purchase. Payment& Shipping PAYPAL payment is due in 7 days. I ship within one business day(not counting American holidays or weekends) Free one-way shipping to domestic USA only. International Buyers I declare full purchased price on custom form. Not a gift. Buyer may have to pay additional custom. Tax, duty, or misc fees dictated by your country's custom law. This seller is not responsible for any packages held at your custom's facility, and your payments are non-refundable. Five Star Feedback When you receive your package and everything's okay. Please remember to leave a FIVE STAR feedback for me. If there is an issue with your transaction, let me know ahead of time and I'll try to correct the situation. Thank you very much for your patronage. D E S C R I P T I O N Not fully tested. Old American Microscope. By Authur H. Thomas& Bausch Lomb Optical. Wooden box has some fine cracks, discolorations, scratches, dents, and residue. One door henge is loose(no screws) No key. Contains two long drawers, with three empty lens containers and one extra eye piece. The microscope has some missing pieces. Some loss of metal surface. Rust, residue, paint, and decorations. Up/down focus dial works, and the three end pieces turn as well. One s
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Location: Lafayette, United States
antique Bausch& Lomb professional MICROSCOPE 1926 B&L WORKING instrument We offer a working Bausch and Lomb microscope. With serial number 191366 ... moredating it to 1926. It has some nice features: Original Bausch and Lomb objective marked 43X 4mm.65 Patented Oct 13. 1925 Bausch and Lomb objective marked 10X 16mm.25 Original Eyepiece is marked Bausch and Lomb. And has a'1' marked on it. Square. Solid stage for placing specimens on Extra deep throat for working with larger specimens. This was not a student model but a professional instrument. The upper body inclines for easier focusing of light and use. Substage condensor and diapraghm are both working condition Both sides of the substage mirror are working and in nice condition. Nice golden lacquer on objectives and wheels. Square stage with one slide holder, fine focus working and gross focus working as well. Marked'66' in red paint on rear of horseshoe base(probably for medical school work) While it could use some cleaning, it is a mechanically sound instrument showing signs of wear that could be nicely cleaned up for use. Optics are usable, noting some needed cleaning and signs of wear. I could easily see the fibers in a piece of paper with writing on it. It would make a great display piece for the office. Desk, or a great"real" microscope for the kids to play with. Bausch and Lomb. Long associated with optics manufacturing, first made spectacles, and later microscopes and accessories. Their first microscope was produced in 1874. Microscopes were produced sparingly in the early years, with only 150 serial numbers on record in the first year 1876, and less than 2000 total made by 1883. In the 1940s they produced close to 10,000 per year, and their microscope division was finally sold in 1987. Please see photos for condition. Please note that the watermark does not appear in the actual item. From a web search: Bausch& Lomb is an American company based in Rochester. New York, is one of the world's leading suppliers of eye healt
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Location: Hollister, United States
"One of the first things a collector wants to know about his newly acquired prize is how old it is. Then there is the matter of the difference between ... morewhen it was made and when it was sold. Serial numbers, when there are supporting records are a pretty good, albeit far less than perfect, indication of age.
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Location: Jamestown, United States
You’re getting a fabulous PAIR ! These microscopes are sold as is and as shown. I have only marginally tested these & they seem to work fine, focusing ... moreis smooth & precise, but cannot attest to their full functionality as I am a novice in this area.
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Location: Saint Petersburg, United States
Scope Serial - JB5071. Manufacturer - Bausch & Lomb. - 10x Divisible 16mm 0.25 | Bausch & Lomb. - 43x 4mm 0.65 | Bausch & Lomb. - 97x I=Oil 1.8mm 1.25 ... more| Bausch & Lomb. Eye Piece - 1 10x Bausch & Lomb.
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Location: Wheaton, United States
ONE (1) Microscope. The microscope is marked "Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Rochester N.Y. U.S.A.", "Pat. 0.0025 mm". One eye lens is marked "5X". The other ... moreeye lens is marked "10". One objective lens is marked "Bausch & Lomb Opt.
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Location: Kerrville, United States
Bausch Lomb Optical Co. Baush and Lomb Objective lens. Scope stands over 14" high. The original box is in good condition, with most age & wear to bottom. ... moreIt is in great condition for its age. TEXAS JEWELRY MAN.
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Location: Saint Petersburg, United States
VTG ANTIQUE BAUSCH& LOMB MICROSCOPE W/ WOOD CASE COVER PLATES LOTS OF EXTRAS We are not experts with microscopes. This microscope is in good condiotion ... moreand has many extras along with it. We have attempted zero restoration with this microscope. Please message for more details or pictures. We will do our best to have an answer back in a timely manner. We believe pictures to be part of descripition and worth 1000 words. Thanks for looking at our items! Payment is due within 5 days of the end of sale unless other arrangements have been made. Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Most of our orders are shipped out within 1 day of cleared payment. We will combine shipping and ship international but shipping rates vary country by counrty. We will do our best to give you an accurate estimate of shipping cost upon request. We will not mark items as"gifts" when shipping international. Please address any questions or concerns prior to bidding or purchase. Your feedback is very important. We wish to maintain a high level of professionalism and value customer service. Thanks for looking at our items! We are a small operation that believes in a high level of integrity and honesty. We do our best to make sure we accurately detail any flaws or important information you may need in order to make a decision. We are only human and do make mistakes. If you have any problem with your purchase please contact us before leaving negative feedback. Maintaining 100% positive is something we do not want to compromise.
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Location: Saint Petersburg, United States
4mm 0.85 N.A. Bausch & Lomb. - 16mm 0.25 - Bausch & Lomb. Around the eye piece 'Arthur H. Thomas Boston, MA' has been stamped. Scope Serial - Unable to ... morelocate. Light Source - Mirror. Patent - Not readily visible.
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Location: Saint Petersburg, United States
Manufacturer - Bausch & Lomb. Objectives - 16mm 0.25 - Bausch & Lomb. Style -Monocular. Scope Serial - 59136. Patent - Not readily visible.
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Location: Springfield, United States
Up for sale is a rare antique Arthur H Thomas Bausch & Lomb microscope instrument. This piece is a true gem for collectors of scientific instruments, ... morewith its original and authentic features intact. The maker of this microscope, Bausch & Lomb Optical Co, is a reputable name in the industry and this particular item was manufactured before 1930. This is a must-have for any serious collector looking for a genuine piece of scientific history.
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Location: Raleigh, United States
Antique BAUSCH & LOMB Pat. Then there is the matter of the difference between when it was made and when it was sold. Serial numbers, when there are supporting ... morerecords are a pretty good, albeit far less than perfect, indication of age.
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Location: Saint Petersburg, United States
Manufacturer - Bausch & Lomb. - 3.5x 30mm 0.09 Bausch & Lomb. Eye Piece - 1 10x Bausch & Lomb. Style -Monocular. Normal scuffing and usage wear. Scope ... moreSerial - PD2661. Patent - Patent Applied For. Light Source - Mirror.
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Location: Anderson, United States
The Historical Archive Sample Page Book Collection on DVD The microscope was one of the most important developments in the history of science. By creating ... morea device that could see very small. New discoveries were made that literally transformed the world. From health and medicine to materials science to everything in between, the microscope played a big part in the major advancements of all technologies. This collection of 35 books and 16 issues of the journal The Microscope explore the earlier history of this hugely versatile instrument. Here is a collection of the books/journals in this collection: Microscope books The microscope: its history. Construction, and applications(1869) Hogg, Jabez- 762 pages, The microscope; a simple handbook(1921) Beck. Conrad- 144 pages, The microscope; an advanced handbook(1921) Beck. Conrad- 231 pages, The microscope(1920) Hawks. Ellison- 154 pages, Beck microscopes(19- 116 pages, The microscope: excerpts] from The museum of science and art(1856) Lardner. Dionysius- 250 pages, Manipulation of the microscope(1897) Bausch. Edward- 200 pages, The microscope and histology(1892) Gage. Simon Henry- 234 pages, The Telescope and Microscope(1852) Thomas Dick- 178 pages, Evenings at the microscope(pref. 1859) Gosse. Philip Henry- 468 pages, Nature through microscope& camera(1909) Kerr. Richard- 344 pages, The microscope and its revelations Volume 1(1883) Carpenter. William Benjamin- 388 pages, The microscope and its revelations Volume 2(1883) Carpenter. William Benjamin- 354 pages, Photography Applied to the Microscope(1891) Frederick William Mills. Thomas Charters White- 61 pages, The microscope; a practical handbook(1922) Wright. Lewis; Drew, Aubrey H- 287 pages, Common objects of the microscope(1861) Wood. J. G. John George) West, Tuffen- 188 pages, How to See with the Microscope(1885) J Edwards Smith- 420 pages, How to Work with the Microscope(1868) Lionel Smith Beale- 550 pages, The microscope in the bre

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Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co Microscope 1915
This is a Bausch and Lomb optical company antique microscope. Patent January 5th. 1915. One int. 0.0025mm. It includes the original instruction book, original slides, and extra lenses. It has been in my family for 60 years and is in excellent condition. Price $350.00.
Nice Antique Vintage Early 1900's bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Microscope Wood Case
Please read ALL of the text and view the pictures carefully. We will gladly answer any questions as best we can. Please ask questions before you bid or buy. Please scroll to the bottom of the pictures and read the terms under our last picture. I am far from an expert on these but will do my best to describe it for you. Questions encouraged.I do not see any cracked lenses and the mirror is not cracked on either side. All lenses are clear but one has a hair or something inside of it which I think you can see in the pictures. All of the knobs work smoothly. The paint is worn where you would place the slide and it looks rusty but it may be the base coat of paint as the finish is nice and smooth. It comes with the extra lenses as shown. I have taken close ups of any numbers or markings I could find. The numbers on the top of the microscope which ... moreI assume are the serial numbers are 241681. The black paint is scuffed on the bottom of the back of the base and it could use some polishing/cleaning in my opinion. The wooden finger jointed case is in nice shape with just a scuff on the one side and the original nickel handle remains on the top. The door has a lock but I do not have the key. Have a look at the pictures and please feel free to ask questions. Thank you for viewing. We have many other listings so please click the link to view them. The following are the terms and conditions of this listing. By placing a bid or using the buy it now option. You are agreeing to these terms. USA bidders only please. Shipping via USPS only unless otherwise specified in the listing. Shipped to your paypal address only. No exceptions. A handling fee may apply for select items to cover the the cost of packing materials. We recycle boxes and newspapers however we buy our bubble wrap, foam and tape. We pack well and do not just throw it in a box. If we say an item is perfect, it is. This means it has no damage. Damage is NOT a factory flaw such as straw marks in glass or imperfections in castings. Most of our items are old an
Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Type 71-61-38 CSA App #: 6749 CSA App# 6749
You are bidding on a Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Type 71-61-38 CSA App# 6749 CSA App# 6749/ Plug wire Cut. With fast free shipping. Location: Unit 222*Please Read* We have listed all model information that we have available. We strive to provide all information that we have on hand and do our best to describe and photograph every part. We cannot guarantee that this part will fit your vehicle. Only a dealership can do that. Please make sure that this is the correct part that you need BEFORE you buy. The best way to do this is to call a dealership and have them verify that this is the appropriate part number for your application. THE FREE SHIPPING OFFER APPLIES TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY. RESIDENTS OF ALASKA. HAWAII AND PUERTO RICO WILL NEED TO EMAIL US FOR AN ACCURATE SHIPPING QUOTE. Terms The overwhelming majority of what we sell ... moreis surplus from large companies or governments. If we say the item works. Then it was tested to the best of our ability. All items and contents are described to the best of our ability. We examine all items and supply all available Make/Model information. We will try to answer all questions in a timely manner. Payment Payment is due within 4 business days of purchase. ALL payments are processed for fulfillment on the next business day. If paid by PayPal we will ONLY ship to the PayPal confirmed or approved shipping address that you choose at time of payment. Shipping& Handling Time Orders ship between 1 to 3 business days after payment is made. We can not control shipment times after we ship. Most items are shipped through UPS. With a tracking number and automatic claim protection. If our ship center ships via USPS. The item will have a delivery confirmation number which can be used to track your order. International Shipping Please check shipping costs BEFORE you bid. Buy, or place a BEST OFFER. Unless requested otherwise. The cheapest option offered will be quoted which is most often USPS first class mail international. Most International shipments do not have"trac
1910 Bausch Lomb Optical Co. Antique Miniature Slide Show Library Leather Book
This is a wonderful leather bound Arts and crafts Period Bausch& Lomb Optical Company Miniature Slide Library storage Book. It looks like a real Leather bound book. But opens to reveal an area with 100 slots for storage of Miniature Photo Slides. It is beautifully made with a deep embossed front cover with a sailing Ship in the center and 10 Fleur de Lis around it. A very cool Craftsman Period piece!
The item up for sale in this auction is a Bausch& Lomb Optical Company Microscope. There is a patent date of February 2nd. 1897 on the micro focus adjustment wheel. I tested all of the lenses using a piece of paper with writing on it, each lens was able to get a fairly clear picture. The mirror does have some blemishes on it and some appear to be permanent. The frame of the microscope is all brass and is in pretty good shape. There is definitely some wear and tarnish on it but nothing major. I can't find any missing pieces and everything appears to be in really good working condition. The microscope will be shipped out in a wooden case along with a box of about a dozen glass slides. I don't think the case is original, but somebody obviously made it specifically for the microscope, so it should go with it. If you have any questions, ... moreI'll be happy to answer them. Be sure to check out all of my pictures and see it for yourself! Please do NOT trust E-bay's estimate for shipping. You can get a more accurate shipping quote by clicking on the following link: http:postcalc.usps.gov/ Our Zip Code is 80501 Package weight is approximately:20 lbs. Approximate Package Dimensions:19x17x6 Shipping outside the Continental USA may be more. So please check website for an accurate quote. BID WITH CONFIDENCE AFTER REVIEWING OUR 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON BID PRICE OF THE ITEM IF RETURNED UNUSED WITHIN 14 DAYS DUE TO BEING DEFECTIVE OR SIGNIFICANTLY NOT AS DESCRIBED. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BID. AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR ITEM. I HOPE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LEAVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK. WHEN YOU LEAVE FEEDBACK YOU WILL BE ASKED TO RATE THE SELLER. PLEASE BE FAIR WHEN YOU RATE A SELLER. THERE ARE A COUPLE OF THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND BEFORE YOU LEAVE FEEDBACK AND RATE A SELLER. I USE THE UNITED STATES POST OFFICE FOR MOST SHIPPING. I HAVE NO CONTROL OF THE POSTAGE RATES. MOST OF OUR AUCTIONS CALCULATE SHIPPING BY BUYERS LOCATION SO COST DEPENDS ON WEIGHT. HOW FAST YOU WANT IT AND HOW FAR THE PACKAGE TRAVELS. I
Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Solid Brass Microscope SN #26739 ~ Circa 1897
Up for auction(sale) is a Vintage Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Brass Microscope My clients husband found this microscope in the remains of an old building and cleaned it up very well. Most all the adjustable parts move. Though some are a little harder than others. It is missing 1 of the 3 magnifying lenses that can rotate to any one of the 3 positions. It may be missing other parts that I don't know about. The eye piece does not appear to be the proper one for this scope, but does fit in the chamber. The mirror at the base does have blemishes on both sides. It has many more options than some of the other scopes that I have found from this era. It has 2 patent dates that I can find, one from Feb 1897& one from Aug. 1897. We do have a letter that was written to Bausch& Lomb to find out more information about the microscope. They ... moresent a reply which stated that they do not know to whom it was sold to, but it is circa 1897. The serial number is on the base#26739. It is 14 1/2" Tall x 6" Deep x 4 1/4" Wide I was unable to really see anything as I didn't have the knowledge or the material to test. I'm sure that it does need some restoration. Though it is a great looking decorative piece as it sits. This is the condition it has been in for many years and I did not attempt to polish or take apart to clean. If you would like more pictures please let me know I will ship this scope FREE in the Continental United States PayPal only please If you have any questions please ask I strive for 100% approval so if you have any issues please contact me before leaving feedback I will do returns in special situations Thanks for checking out my items. Many more to come in the future
Rare Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Microscope Piece*
Not exactly sure what this is. It was in a box of many items purchased at an estate sale. I have other fine scientific pieces listed from the same sale. This may just be a piece of a microscope. It has a lens so that is good the lens when you look thru it has a measurement chart that runs from 0 to 6 and has increments of 10 from number to number. The piece measures 7" in height and is about 1.5 inched pain diameter at the bottom. It is very heavy and well made. It is of course Bausch& Lomb s very nice oo
Rare Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Microscope Wow! *
This is a fantastic piece found at an estate sale where the resident was a University Professor and Scientist. The microscope has the booklet but was not in a box rather was set up as display in his Study. It was his prize piece. I am not sure of the age but the Use and Care of the Microscope booklet was was copyright 1912. It is very nice. It was well used as seen in the photos and is sold as found. It s accompanied by the Care and Use booklet. A lens container and a box with a slide in it. I believe this to be quite old. It does have a serial number of 25408 is what I make out. All of the mechanics seem to airlock fine and it has the attach oh meet below the slide table. It has wonderful worn patina. All the adjusting tools work and it has a dual head lens keeper on it. Completely relaxed it measures about 13 inches in overall height and ... morethe lens chamber has about 3" of height up and down adjustment. This is a cool high quality piece. A must have for any collector!
PLEASE FULLY READ TERMS AND DESCRIPTION PRIOR TO BIDDING! NO PAYPAL! WINNING BIDDER MUST RESPOND/ACKNOWLEDGE INVOICE SENT AT AUCTION CLOSE WITHIN 3 DAYS PROVIDING PAYMENT DETAILS.I will cancel your bid on the 4th day if no response. I have had too many flakes and deadbeats lately forcing me to be very strict and enforcing this requirement! The 1% who are non-responsive or non-paying hurt the 99% who are Great! PAYMENT REQUIRED(unless other arrangments have been made prior to bidding) within 4 days of auction close. FAILURE to RESPOND or PAY within time required will result in your bid cancelled. Item relisted or second chance issued to next high bidder. NON PAYING BIDDER DISPUTE(NPB)will also be filed with EBAY to recover my fees paid on this item. EBAY will automatically file NPB after 4 days when payment has not been received. After 4 days ... moreand no payment, your bid is cancelled Period! I will not accept your payment. Good communication makes for a good transaction. NO PAYPAL! This auction is for: One antique Bausch& Lomb microscope which is sold EXACTLY as found on a shelf filled with old tools I purchased from an Estate Sale so YOU clean. Polish the brass, or do whatever. Please note that I do not know diddly squat about this type of item, so please ask if the limited description or pictures don't answer all. Scope stands approx 12 1/2" tall. You can look through and everything appears to work. Glass is good, everything turns.mirror good. Comes with an extra lens marked 2, 3 empty cases, bottle of original oil. Has key. Once you clean it up, you should have a nice unit. What you see is what you get. Remember, NO Paypal! Will ship UPS Ground unless priority mail requested. Shipping weight for this item will be 22 lbs. So zip code will be required to calculate shipping. Use the Ebay shipping calculator below to get your rate. I ONLY ship US Priority Mail. I ONLY CHARGE EXACT POSTAGE-NO HANDLING CHARGE! DON"T BLAME ME FOR POSTAGE COSTS! If the item will fit in a USPS Flat Rate Box for less,
1915 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Tin Mirrorscope Viewer pat. Feb. 1915 & 17 Parts
LE Fuller Collectibles 1915 Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Tin Mirrorscope Viewer pat. Feb. 1915& 17 No 87742 Black Hammered Tin Case. Has paint loss, no dents, Needs Restoration. Looks complete Lamp Works Fan need rewired. May not be original Mirror not cracked but. Has age spots This is sold as a restoration project. Parts shipping wt 17 lbs. Interesting piece I can not find info on this item Feel free to make Offers
Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Magnifier - Rochester NY
I am completely out of my element on this and will describe it as best I can. This is a magnifier made by the Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. It is in as found condition and I have not attempted to clean it. Starting from the base. There is a round, raised but attached mark that shows age wear. Around the outer edge of this reads, BAUSCH& LOMB OPTICAL CO. Rochester NY. There is then a circle with a triagular shaped mark with three lines inside. At the top is B& L, to the left is the letter Z, to the right a letter S which I believe to stand for Carl Zeiss and G N Saegmuller. Above the triangle the numbers 99876. The post holds wheels which raise and lower the magnifier shown at top that swivels at two separate places. The actual magnifier is marked around it with BAUSCH& LOMB OPTICAL CO. 17mm TRIPLE APLANAT. This magnifier raises ... moreand lowers over a piece of glass which then looks down onto a round two sided mirror that tilts, and is on an arm that moves from side to side. The only question I have is that there is a small"post" at the rear of the glass. There is a hole on the opposite side that I have no idea what is may have been used for. Everything works properly and the glass only shows very minor signs of wear. The measurements on this are 4 1/2" to glass. 5 1/2" to magnifier in lowered position, 4" across base and 5 3/4" front to back. Feel free to ask questions if I haven't covered something and thank you for looking at my auction. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
Rare Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Microscope Piece Must See! No Reserve
Here we have a vintage Bausch& Lomb microscope piece. Piece measures 7 1/2 inches tall and approximately 1 inches in diameter. Lens screws onto the bottom of the microscope and reads"Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Rochester. N.Y. 48mm" Piece is in really good condition. It could stand to be cleaned well with brass cleaner. A great vintage piece with no reserve.
Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Specimen or Tissue Slicer. Like a straight razor.
JT Sales is proud to present to you this RARE Bausch& Lomb Specimen Slicer. I have researched this to the hilt and the best thing I can find is that is really not a razor but a tool to prepare specimens to be examined in the lab. Measures: 8" Overall length with a cutting edge of 4" Condition is un-used. Case has a bit of wear to it with age. Please Read and Check out my other items! Seller will entertain STRONG OFFERS! New Policy: All items will be shipped with delivery confirmation(well packed) This will be included in shipping fees! If you wish it to be insured. Contact me prior to bidding and re-contact me at the end of the sale. Insurance in not included in the shipping fees.Buyer will deal with USPS in the event of a claim. I will provide you with the info if needed. There also is a $1-$5 handling fee to cover fuel and ... morematerials! I prefer to sell my items with NO RESERVE! Read The Disclaimer* By Bidding. You agree with any and all parts of the disclaimer! Shipping price also includes $1-$5 handling fee. This is to cover packing materials and handling as well as eBay’s commission on the shipping fees. Yes they take a cut of this as well. My starting price is equal to my reserve price. If that price is not met in most cases the item will be re-listed. SELLERS TERMS: Unless specified all items are second hand or antiques and as such may show signs of light wear or age. All sales are final. No warranties are implied. If you are unsure of any information. Please email before bidding. Bidding constitutes your agreement to these terms of sale. For fragile, glass, antiques and valuable items, insurance will be included at the cost of the buyer. I pack very carefully however should an item be broken during shipping, please don't file a case. My auction items are sold“as is” which is the generally accepted auction standard(unless the item is grossly misrepresented) which is why my descriptions and photographs attempt to represent the items accurately. However bid with confidence because I do
Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co Double Prism Scientific Microscope Vintage Old
Antique Microscope This auction is for a really nice and very well made antique scientific microscope. The microscope is made of steel and brass and it has a very unusual design with two cut glass prisms that lead up to a single eye piece at the top. It has a very unusual sleeve that slides over the entire microscope to prevent the delicate optics and the back has a handle. Made by the Bausch& Lomb Optical Company and it’s number 1601. It measures about 10¾" tall and is guaranteed old. Nice piece! The light reflecting mirror at the bottom has some corrosion and wear. Bidder pays $12.00 for shipping and handling via USPS Mail within the United States. I charge a 5.1% sales tax to all Wisconsin residents- sorry. It's mandatory! Thanks for bidding! Shipping rules: If you happen to win more than one auction and live in the United ... moreStates I will GREATLY discount shipping. Obviously. The discount will depend on the weight of each individual item and the physical characteristics of the shipment. Discount will be determined once all auctions are closed, or you can email me for the exact cost prior to the auctions closing. Return Policy: Returns are accepted on items in the event there is a discrepancy between the item description above and the actual condition of the item. I am also always willing. At my discretion, to work with the bidder to make sure their experience is positive, and will often return items if it’s not what the bidder expected. Please inquire before bidding if this is unclear. A request for return must be made within 3 days of delivery– there are NO exceptions to this rule. Bleeding_gums rules: Payment must be received within 10 days of auction close. Quality Shipping! Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Vintage Microscope (for display or parts only)
A Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. vintage microscope. It does not work so it is only for display or parts. Some rust as pictured.
up for auction is this very rare. Very old marked and totally original BAUSCH& LOMB OPTICAL CO. ROCHESTER N.Y. USA(reads across top of instrument; also pictured for you- see pic#3 and#4) The main tool or scope stands roughly 6 inches tall; just shy of 6 inches! There is another piece also pictured in pic#4 that reads the same- BAUSCH& LOMB OPT. CO. ROCHESTER N.Y. U.S.A with a Pat. 1,207,822 at the bottom of piece. the box is clearly/obviously very old as well- ALL is pre 1930's(we are not doctor/medicine tool or instrument specialist at all and doing the best we can for you all to see and be informed) OPHTHALMOSCOPE Inside of this box is 5 larger tools or easily hand held and then what look to be small lights or instruments making for a total of 9 items plus the box is 10 total! The interior of the box has a deep purple felt color ... moreand feel- the box is wooden based and does show some age/wear(to be expected but nice overall) the box does still have its original snap lock on the exterior and works as should. This BAUSCH& LOMB OPTICAL CO. Box came to us by way of an estate purchase and we offer to you our ebay bidders/buyers with*NO RESERVE* highest bid will Win! We have done some mild research and will set an opening NO RESERVE value to it well below market value for this type of Medicine/Doctor's Instrument/Tool- We will charge 5.59 for shipping in the US flat fee and outside the US bidding is okay but we do ask you request a shipping quote prior to placing a bid. thanks We again are not experts in this area/field and do not pretend to be of any knowledge of this besides the info we have provided; seeing how this is the case we welcome any questions you may have and will do everything in our power to assist in the bidding and the purchase of this unique/rare item! We do ask upon receiving your item at or above your standards meeting our description you leave us POSITIVE feedback as we will do the same for our buyer- thanks to all and best of luck to our bidders- shou
Vintage Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Labratory Microscope
Vintage Bausch& Lomb laboratory microscope with. The microscope is marked 236357. The microscope appears to be in good condition but I'm not sure how to use it so it is being sold as is. All parts seem to move correctly. When looking through the top lens I did see a crack in the glass. I'm not sure which glass is cracked. So please note that there is a crack when you look through the top. Other than that it appears to be pretty good cosmetically but does show some signs of age and wear and needs cleaned. Please view the pictures for details. The microscope comes with multiple lenses including a 19mm 91x oil immersion lens. A 16mm 10x divisible lens and a 4mm lens. This piece is very heavy. When the top scope is as far down as possible the entire microscope measures approximately 13 inches tall. The base of the microscope is 4 ... more1/2 inches wide by 7-3/4 inches long. Please let me know if you have any questions. Again please note that this is not perfect and should be bought with the expectation that there is a crack in the glass and it may not work. Please let me know if you have any questions. Shipping price is to the contiguous US only. Thanks for looking! Posted with
Antique 1896 BAUSCH & LOMB Optical Co. Brass MICROSCOPE Serial 24624 +++
Rare! Gorgeous 1896 Microscope includes box with drawer. Two eyepieces, 3 objectives(1/12, 1/6, 2/3) gorgeous tiny bottle with small amount immersion oil. Not absolutely sure it's solid brass or if it's supposed to be because there is virtually no tarnishing at all, however, it's been in it's box for many many years. The latch on the box is broken and has been modified but still doesn't work(needs a new latch. Also includes antique micro slides, cover glasses ++ Came from the estate of a well known Seattle Ear Nose and Throat Physician/Surgeon. I have many wonderful things from his house including scientific and lots of medical equipment. Calculated shipping from 98027 in the US. Insurance is advised. I accept PAYPAL. If payment is not received within 7 days. The item will be relisted. Email if you have any questions. ... moreThanks for your interest!
1897 Rare Antique Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Microscope #54261 & Glass Dome
This is a very rare 1897 beautiful brass optical microscope(serial#54261) by Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. and Arthur H. Thomas Co. All parts appear to be working great. However. Everything needs a good cleaning. It includes all lenses in a wooden display box. Comes with a glass diplay dome as well. The dome has a few scratches on it, and needs a good cleaning, but what a beautiful way to display this microscope! Microscope stands 15.25" tall when fully extended. Glass dome measures 16" tall x 10" in diameter. Microscope fits very well in the dome when it's not fully extended. This item is being sold AS-IS. Please ask any questions before bidding. Thank you! PAYMENT Payment Terms: We accept Paypal only within 7 days of auction close. Please email me with any questions before you bid. Thank You! SHIPPING Shipping Terms: See ... moreshipping cost above. Plus insurance(optional) We will combine shipping when you purchase more than one item. To qualify for combined shipping, please pay for all your items together in one payment. Email me for a combined shipping quote, or wait until I send you a combined invoice. Item will ship as soon as payment is received or next business day(except weekends and holidays) TERMS OF SALE We hope you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. However. If there is a problem when your item arrives please contact us first before leaving feedback. We are always happy to help in any way we can. Also, please keep in mind that we only charge the lowest possible shipping rate we can find(with no hidden fees) CONTACT US Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to email me anytime with any questions or comments using eBay's Contact Seller option. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
VINTAGE BAUSCH& LOMB OPTICAL CO. NO 982 JEFFERSON TRANSFORMER NO 969-001-059 IN GOOD CONDITION. NICE COLLICTIBLE ITEM OR FOR REUSE, SOLD EXACTLY AS PICTURED! THE UNIT WILL BE PROFESSIONALLY BOXED AND INSURED KEEP IN MIND ALL OUR PRODUCTS HAVE NON REMOVABLE TAMPER PROOF HOLOGRAMS AND SPECIAL MARKINGS. WE KEEP ALL SERIAL NUMBERS AND DIGITAL PHOTOS OF THE PRODUCT ON FILE! WARANTIES AND REFUNDS WILL BE 100% VOIDED IF THEY ARE REMOVED OR REPLACED WITH NO EXEPTIONS! 1. SHIPPING& INSURANCE: For products over 150 lbs. Buyer arrange and pay for the freight charges. we ship ONLY UPS GROUND to the lower 48 states of the United States, No P.O. BOXES WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. 2. USAGE SAFETY: We are not responsible for the misuse of the product(s) that may cause damage to the product. Or injury to any person. Buyer is responsible for checking the product(s) ... morewebsite. For usage and safety instruction. 3. RETURN POLICY: We accept returns within 30 days. As long as the item is in its original shipping condition, including all parts, and in its original packaging we'll be glad to issue a FULL refund(less S&H both ways) upon inspecting the product for its original condition. And its original packaging. We charge 20% restocking fee. Buyer pays all shipping ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ABUSING OUR RETURN POLICY!
| | VINTAGE BAUSCH& LOMB OPTICAL CO STRAIGHT RAZOR MICROSCOPE SLIDE SAMPLE, Click to View Image Album c1900 FLAT ON ONE SIDE, MICROSCOPE SLIDE SAMPLE SLICING RAZOR 6 3/4"L when folded, 10 3/8"L when opened, vintage straight razor, mkd. on one side of shank"Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. + on the other side"Made In Germany" 7/8"W hollow ground blade is in good condition with no chips, cracks, or rust, just some dings, scratches, tarnish + light pitting, edge is somewhat sharp, but needs some honing. Horn handle scales are in very good condition with no cracks or loose brass pins, blade centers well + has tight pivot pin with no wiggle, just one scale side is a bit wavy with a blister. Will be listing a collection of Straight Razors so stay tuned. BUY MORE THAN 1-COMBINE SHIPPING + SAVE! I CAN SHIP UP TO 5 RAZORS ... moreIN A FLAT RATE BOX! SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PHOTOS. Payment, I accept the following forms of payment: PayPal Shipping& Handling, US Shipping. $5.25 USPS Priority Mail® International Shipping. $23.95 USPS Priority Mail International Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Terms: U.S. Buyers pay Insured USPS shipping cost with no handling fee added. Shipping standard is USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation + will give you the Parcel Post or First Class option if savings are substantial. Please wait for an email from Planetacorn + I will provide the best shipping option. Multiple items will be combined to save on shipping. International Buyers pay insured USPS shipping cost. Either Priority Mail for package or Express Flat Rate for large envelope with no handling fee. Custom import taxes + duty fees are the buyers responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office before bidding. The final end of auction price will be declared on all customs forms with no exceptions. Your Participation is very important to
For Sale. I have a bausch and laumb straight razor, this item is in good condition, the blade measures 3 inches and the razor with the handle measures 10 inches, the blade seems nice and straight, it does have one little nick in the blade, and a couple black spots on the blade, the handle is in very good condition with minor scratches, the rivets in the handle are nice and tight, the case appears to be original, in fair condition with a few scuff marks on it.
Vintage Microscope Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Pat Jan 5 1915 w/ case & lenses
Vintage Microscope with original black case Nice and heavy and I do not know if parts are missing on this Microscope or even if it is in working condition. But overall it sure looks nice, does not look abused or have a musty odor. Has some other parts 1.9mm 16mm 4mm in containers that screw open Microscope on one part it reads Pat Jan. 5 1915 Bausch& lomb optical Co USA with some Microscopic Slides The scope measures 14" tall when it is at its highest point x 7" long approx This appears to be brass. It is not a child's toy, it appears to be the real thing. SELLING AS IS. WITH NO RETURNS THIS IS HEAVY AND I WILL SRAPE THE SCOPE IN SOME BUBBLE AND THINK IT WILL SHIP FINE. PLEASE LOOK AT ALL THE PICTURES. THANKS Selling as a display. Not sure if everything works. Payment via Paypal Contact me within 3 days. Payment is appreciated ... morewith in 3days USA only Items are shipped four times weekly- Normally first class. USPS Priority Mail- or Fed Ex Cannot mail Fed Ex to any Post Office Boxes Combined Shipping Discounts are offered. Restrictions may apply Email me with any question Please ask questions prior to bidding Customer satisfaction is#1 Many of the items I sell are Vintage and have marks-of-character. They are not in like-new condition unless stated. I purchase items from estates and auctions.I usually do not clean the items. I leave the cleaning to the new owner to clean as they see fit. Some of my items may have been exposed to smoke& pets. I do my very best to list quality items& not to misrepresent the items I list. If you find that I have missed a flaw or was mistaken about an item. Please contact me immediately after receiving your item. Feel free to email with any questions Just use the"ask the seller a question" link on the auction page After 3 days. If you have not paid for your item, if we have not received your payment or it has not cleared by the3rd day we reserve the right to VOID THE SALE and RELIST THE ITEM without further, notification. eBay will automatically open
I will be listing a variety of nice estate-fresh Antique and Vintage Items this week. Here is a Nice ANTIQUE BAUSCH& LOMB OPTICAL CO. BRASS MICROSCOPE with WOODEN CASE. It is Serial#22928. Probably c.Late-1890's vintage. The microscope has a Patent Date of Feb. 16. 1897 on it. The microscope is in working condition. The 2 lower magnification lenses seem to magnify and focus objects fine, but I couldn't get the highest power lens to focus. Not sure why- maybe I just don't know how to properly operate machine. I know little about microscopes in general myself. Microscope looks to have it's original finish on surface. Bottom double-sided reflective mirror in good condition. The iris mechanism in the assembly above mirror opens and closes fine. The three objective lenses on microscope are Bausch& Lomb lenses. Microscope ... morewas found in this antique wooden case which has old and worn ebonized patina on exterior surface. There are no extra lenses in the box but has three empty Spencer storage tubes for lenses found in the storage racks. Also some kind of Spencer glass plate or slide of some kind with serial#5914 etched on it. Also a full bottle of Immersion Oil for objectives. The box has no key for the lock. Microscope fits nicely in box. Will cushion and pack instrument with care for buyer. INSURANCE INCLUDED in the shipping total. Massachusetts buyers pay the 6.25% sales tax. Look for my other nice Old Items I will be listing as well. See listing for payment and shipping details. Feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
Microscope VTG 1908 B & L Bausch & Lomb Optical Co Brass Metal Slide N. Y
For your consideration from a smoke free estate. A truly wonderful piece of vintage optical equipment. I am going to do my best to describe this antique brass microscope. But as I am not an expert by any means in this area please forgive any incorrect terminolgy. Any questions or information is all welcomed and appreciated. This microscope is made of brass and black metal. All we have done is to dust this piece. So the brass. Although warm appears scratched. It looks really retro as it is. But I would think if you wanted to use it you would need to shine it up. I leave the cleaning of these valuable older treasures to the experts. The base is black and measures 5 1/2" longest) 3 3/4" widest) Base does have minimal surface rust(photo 7) and a screw that does turn. I think this screw may tighten the base into place. Back of base has ... morea round metal plate that I think is brass. It reads: Bausch& Lomb Optical Rochester N.Y. New York City. The Bausch is a little hard to read. The mirror rotates and swings freely. The mirror measures 1 3/4" across. The metal around one side of the the mirror has some age rust(photo 7) One side of the mirror magnifies the other is just regular mirror. The mirror side that does not magnify has some silver loss around the edge(see photo 7) this does not seem to effect the visiblity. The mirror will be removed for shipping as to decrease the risk of breakage. The area that holds the slides is black, the two slide holders are intact with good movement and I think they are brass. The opening in slide stage is 1/2" The underside of the slide plate has a circular dial I believe brass piece. This circular dial has 4 holes, I think they are used to regulate the light that reaches the mirror. This dial moves freely and the largest opening measures 1/2" across. The microscope raises up and down without problems but may need to be lubricated. At the tallest it is 14" retracted 11" The piece closest to the slide stage is marked: Bausch& Lomb 16 mm 0.25 N.A. T
Antique Bausch And Lomb Optical Co.Nickel Plated Brass Microscope Rochester N.Y.
Antique Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Nickel Plated Brass Microscope Rochester. N.Y. With Original Case You are bidding on this Antique Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Nickel Plated Brass Microscope signed on the front Rochester. N.Y. with original mahogany case and seven lenses The condition of this microscope is good. Has some wear on the body in different areas. There is some pitting spots on the flat round area and on the lower back support column. Mirror has some mercury lost. The mahogany case appears to be missing drawer on top. Size of microscope closed is 10-3/4"s H Size of microscope fully open is 13-5/8"s H Base size is 6"s across I'm not an expert on antique microscopes so please use your own judgement when bidding The Gallery Plus on this item is not working Please View All Photos( No International Shipping) Thanks ... moreFor Looking
Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Refractormeter Microscope #1783
ebay template Please be advised that unpaid item cases are automated to open after 3 days without payment. At that point. We will lose the ability to send a combined invoice. Brand/ Model: Antique Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Refractormeter Microscope#1783. Unsure of exact date this was made, It is a unique Microscope and we are unsure of exactly how it operates or the working condition Condition: Used condition; scuffs and scratches; Signs of age and wear. Box has notable damage, esp. on the bottom. Notes: Please see photos for additional detail and feel free to ask questions. Store: Our customer's satisfaction is our top priority. In the event you experience any problems with your order. Please contact us prior to leaving a negative or neutral feedback and we'll be sure to offer a speedy resolution to any issues that may arise. ... morePAYMENTS o Paypal is the only method of Payment we accept. No exceptions can be made. o Payment must be received within 3 days of the auction's end. This also applies to combined orders. o Items left unpaid for more than 3 days are eligible to be relisted and have an unpaid item claim filed. SHIPPING o We offer combined shipping as long as we have packaging material to accommodate the size/ weight of the items to ensure a safe shipment. Auctions must end within 3 days of each other to be eligible for combined shipping. Combined shipping is automated for items with a calculated rate. So when you are done bidding you can proceed to checkout. o A $2 handling fee is applied to each listing. Combined orders are $2 for the first item and $1 for each addition. o If your package weighs less than 1 lb. It may be shipped via UPS Mail Innovations. o Any item sold by the Seattle Goodwill is eligible for local pick up at our warehouse 7 days a week between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Sundays. Please note that payment must be cleared online prior to pick up, as we are unable to accept cash or process payment at our location. o Local
Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Specimen Microscope 196858
Up for bid is an antique Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Rochester. N.Y. USA specimen microscope(196858) This early microscope came from a science college professor. 10 on each eye piece and 3 different magnification: 0.7x ~ 1.4x ~ 2.0x. Microscope is 8.5" tall and can be adjust 2.25" more in height. Microscope is in good working condition; lens may be a bit dusty due to being in storage and could use some cleaning. Comes with rectangle glass plate. PAT. 3.29.1927 Posted with 336.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2B%3E336-14584af9154-0x117-
Antique 1917 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Microscope Dovetailed Box #120970 Brass
WHAT YOU ARE BUYING/BIDDING ON 1915 Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Microscope#9341JS DESCRIPTION Here is a stunning antique Bausch& Lomb microscope. Patented in 1917 and manufactured in Rochester. New York. Serial no. 12097 This gem comes with the original dove-tailed locking box with brass carrying handle. The door is equipped with a pin handle allowing for easy removal and display. Inside are two sneaky drawers to store all the necessary components. Included are; Original 4mm. 16mm, and 1.9 mm(Immersion Oil) brass objective lens with B& L. co. marked cases Two Ocular Lenses(10x and 5x) and One slide holder stage clip One Blue plastic light filter and adjustable diaphragm Brass adjustable course and fine focus knobs This microscope has all the bells and whistles and will make a great addition to any home or collection CONDITION Minor ... morewear from use and age. But overall very good There is some patina on top of the body. Knobs and objective lenses See Pictures DIMENSIONS Microcope(9 lbs) 12.5" x 6" x 4" H x W x D) Box(5 lbs) 14" x 6 1/4" x 8" H x W x D) PAYMENT The sooner you pay. The sooner you get your item. The Designers Consignment insists on receiving payment within 3 days of your winning bid or Purchase. Otherwise we reserve the right to make a second chance offer to the second place bidder or re-list the item. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. SHIPPING& HANDLING We are currently unable to ship to international US locations. This includes Guam. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will ship any item anywhere. We do are very best to package and secure all our items so they make safe trips to their new homes. Most of our items ship out same day. Excluding items with odd/abnormal dimensions and freight items. We include insurance and tracking on all of our items and also offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to ensure satisfaction. We also will combine shipping, provide layaway/storage and local pickup. If for any reaso
Vintage Signed Bausch & Lomb Optical Co signed Meyrowitz Microscope w Wood Box
ESTATE SALE Contents From Several South Florida Estates NO RESERVE AUCTION ALL ITEMS START AT A ONE PENNY(Please View Our Other Listings From This Fabulous Estate Sale) Vintage Signed Bausch& Lomb Optical Co signed Meyrowitz Microscope with Wood Box Great decorative piece Science to display and enjoy. Measures approximately: 12 1/2" in height x4 1/4" in length. Condition: Good. Preowned. Has not been tested to see if it works or not. Box shows wear. Missing the key. Item being sold"AS IS" Signed: Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. E B Meyrowitz. ESTATE FRESH 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed(To Keep It Fair For Everyone. We Do NOT End Auctions Early) Hours Of Operation. Monday- Friday 10am-4pm EST Questions Or Concerns Please Allow 48 Hours For A Email Response. The Middlemanbrokers 100% Guarantee Is Very Simple. You Love It. ... moreKeep It, Enjoy It. If You are Unhappy For Any Reason Return It For A Full Refund Of The Purchase Price. All Items Sold Have A Full(14) Day Money Back Guarantee. Shipping. Handling& Insurance Cost Will Be The High Bidders Sole Responsibility) Combined Shipping Will Be Offered For This Item* Allow 48-72hrs For A Combined Shipping Invoice To Be Sent After The Auction Has Been Fully Completed. Large Orders Over 10 Lots Will Be Emailed A Combined Invoiced For The Full Shipping That Was Quoted In The Original Descriptions. Once Professionally Packed& Shipped We Will Then Issue A Partial Shipping Refund For The Combined Savings. We Appreciate Your Patience For Multiple Order Transactions. SHIPPING. HANDLING, INSURANCE To Insure You Receive Your Package Safely. We Use Only Premium Packing Materials. The Shipping Cost Is Determined By Size. Weight And Value. LOCAL FLORIDA PICK UP ALWAYS WELCOME BY APPOINTMENT ONLY ATTENTION: BEFORE YOU PAY FOR THE ITEM/ITEM'S. PLEASE REQUEST AN INVOICE WITHOUT THE SHIPPING CHARGES AND THEN PLEASE ALLOW TIME FOR US TO RESPOND WITHIN 48 HOURS. ATTENTION"FLORIDA RESIDENTS" SALES TAX APPLIES. IF YOU ARE TAX EXEMPT- WE WILL NEED A COPY O
PAT. 1915 Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Precision High-Powered Microscope
Up for bid is a 1915 Bausch& Lomb Optical Company high powered Microscope. PAT. JAN. 5. 1915- serial number 228575) It is in great working condition. And comes with a 10X eyepiece. And 2 viewing lenses(a 16mm. 0.25, 10X, a 4mm, 0.65, 43X) on a rotating disc with a locking detente. It has a lever actuated. Fully adjustable Iris lens for enhanced lighting, and a 2 sided reflecting mirror(straight on one side. And con-caved on the other) that pivots to any angle for optimum lighting of the viewing area. It has 2 built in adjusting dials for pristine focus. And is mounted on an adjustable, sturdy steel base. This fully functional microscope can be used to explore the microscopic world. It would make a great collector's item, a great gift for any medical student, or would enhance any doctor's office or desk. Please feel free to contact ... moreme with any questions.
Vintage Bausch and Lomb Optical Co 1915 Microscope Brass Cast Iron
This is a used item. There is some wear on it. Scratches and a few paint chips. There is writing on it in what looks like finger nail polish. I am not 100% sure if it is fully working. Please look closely at the pictures. Included with it in this auction is the blank glass slide. There is nothing else included with it in this auction. If you have any questions. Please, ask away! Thank you and Happy Bidding! We only accept PayPal payments as it's the most secure and offers more protection to buyers and sellers. PayPal also gives you the flexibility to pay with your checking account. Debit, or credit cards. Payment is expected within 3 days. We can only ship to addresses in the contiguous US(48 states) This item will be shipped via FED EX or USPS. We ship Monday through Thursday each week. Insurance and delivery confirmation is included. ... moreThere will be a 2 day handling time on all orders to be shipped. We currently ship from Missouri. We can sometimes combine shipping and reduce the rate if you win multiple items that can be shipped together. Items selling for more than $150 will have a required signature when delivered by FedEx. Once your item is shipped. You will receive an email from PayPal with your tracking information. We ship items as they are paid for. Please do not ask us to hold them for you to be shipped at a later date, as we cannot do this due to eBay policy. If you receive something and have a problem with it. Please contact us before leaving negative feedback so we can resolve the problem. Question are answered Monday thru Friday. We are closed for the weekends and are not available. Questions are answered in the order they are received. We do our best to accurately describe each item in the listing. Please feel free to email any additional questions. Payment is expected within 3 days of auction end. NO ADDITIONAL WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES ARE MADE ON THE MERCHANDISE BEING OFFERED. AND MERCHANDISE IS SOLD"AS IS" We reserve the right to cancel bids from buyers with low or negative feedback
RARE 1917 Bacteriological Apparatus Bausch & Lomb Optical Co Catalog Will Corp
RARE Antique 1917 Bacteriological Apparatus Bausch&Lomb Optical Co Will Corporation Rare 1917 BACTERIOLOGICAL APPARATUS Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Rochester NY book The Will Corporation. The book is in good used condition for the age with wear around the edges and cover corners. One tear on the bottom front cover. The 146 pages are white and in good condition with small tears on the bottom on the first few pages. The book measures approx 10"x7" The book comes with. Bacteriological Catalog Revised Price list flyer effective June 15, 1919. Very nice piece. Hard to come across,a must have for your collection. Please see pictures for details and condition. ~ Armada Antiques& Collectibles ~ Please see photo for details. Let us know if you need any additional Photo or information. Customer satisfaction is our NO.1 Priority. ... moreWe strive be become top rate seller therefore your positive feedback will be highly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any recommendations or concerns about our products and/or your purchase. Thank you! Listed shipping cost is for US only! International Bidders Are Welcome! Please note: listed shipping fee applies to US buyers only· all taxes. Charges or import duties and regulations are the buyer’s responsibility. all items will be shipped priority mail international with confirmation and insurance(where is possible) the merchandise cannot be shipped as a gift or with a lower value We offer 14 days money back guarantee with buyers being responsible for the return shipping cost. Please note. The item(s) should be returned in the same condition it has been received. Any modification or damage to the item may result in partial or no refund. In case of shipping damage please contact us within 24 hours. We are constantly renewing our inventory; please add us to your favorite seller list. Please contact us with questions about our merchandise and products.
Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Original Microscope Dovetailed Case Lock Key
Antique Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Original Microscope Dovetailed Case. Lock With Key. In Excellent Shape. Case Only No Microscope) Case Dimensions are 15 1/2" Tall X 8 3/8" Wide X 9 1/2" Deep. The box is constructed out of 1/2" thick Dovetailed Lumber No Plywood. Metal Lock and hinges. You can see the quality and value by viewing the attached photographs.
Antique BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. Rochester, N.Y. Microscope slide holder
Antique BAUSCH& LOMB OPTICAL CO. Rochester. N.Y. Microscope slide holder. Patented Aug. 24, 1897. It is in good working condition. BE SURE TO CHECK MY OTHER LISTINGS FOR MORE GREAT ITEMS!
Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Microscope Arthur H Thomas Co Science Instrument
I am pleased to offer this old and original. Bausch& Lomb microscope or other scientific optical device. This instrument was sold by Arthur H Thomas Co. Philadelphia. Scope is in good condition, but does need some attention, and may not be complete. It looks like it is missing its lens or eyepiece. Please note that one bed adjustment knob works smoothly and properly. The other is extremely hard to move. It may only need oil, or it may require more work. The silver on the mirror is diseased and likely will need replacement. The height is approximately 13" tall. The base measures about 5 1/4" by 6 1/4" It weighs 9.5 pounds. The top section is painted brass as is the bed adjustment knobs, bed and mirror frame. The frame looks to be cast iron. I cleaned this piece very quickly. It needs a thorough cleaning. A nice antique instrument, ... morethat needs some attention. I know little of antique microscopes, so please ask any questions in layman's terms. Photos will give an accurate representation, and best tell the story. Kindly email any specific questions, comments or need for additional photos. I am happy to combine purchases to save you on shipping. U.S. BIDDERS ONLY! Please read my Terms and Conditions before placing a bid. USPS Priority or Parcel mailing. The handling charge is merely to cover insurance if necessary. I will refund any balance, as I do not make money on shipping. Thank You. TERMS AND CONDITIONS PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT USE SECOND CHANCE OFFERS. IF YOU RECEIVE ONE. IT IS A SCAM. 1. I do not ship outside of the U.S. With No exceptions. Bidders must be registered in the U.S. I will not sell to an International bidder, with a third party U.S.shipping address, as paypal offers me no protection on a third party transaction. 2. Paypal users must be verified. And have a confirmed USA address. 3. Payment must be received within 5 days. Or sale is voided, and item may be relisted. 4. Shipping is done by UPS Ground or USPS. If you require a specific carrier. Please inform me before I send an invo
1907 "Continental Microscope" Serial No. 65463 - Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.
Presented for your bidding consideration is a 1907"Continental Microscope" Serial No. 65463 from the Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Rochester, NY From an original advertisement: combines those features which make an instrument most useful for student work.used in) a large number of high school and college laboratories. This particular unit was used in the laboratories of the University of California and is marked and identified accordingly. Also from the original advertisement: plane and concave mirrors mounted on adjustable arm give control of illumination.regular diagonal rack and pinion coarse adjustment.standard micrometer screw fine adjustment.joint for inclination and draw tube with society screw. The microscope is constructed of black-laquered cast iron and brass; lenses are original Bausch& Lomb. S urface wear and scratches; ... moreslide holder arms missing. The fine print: PayPal accepted; buyer pays postage. If you require special or expedited shipping. Those options are certainly available. Tracking by the USPS will serve as proof of shipment and delivery(including shipment to any unconfirmed address) Postage and packaging fees(if applicable) combined on multiple purchases. If there is a dignificant disparity in the postage, the difference will be refunded to you. International bidders' shipping costs are determined by eBay based on weight and destination. As I am not familiar with customs and/or importation fees for countries outside the US, I will not attempt to quote nor be responsible for the same. The customs form will state exactly what you purchased and the value will be the price you paid, and will serve as proof of shipment. Books- I will note anything obvious in the description but normally disregard names or other inscriptions as most do have some markings. Which do not usually detract from value. Please inquire if you are a collector and this would be a concern to you. Books that have been library editions are noted as ex-lib, and of course have various library markings,
Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Microscope with Wood Box-1897 Patent
For sale is an antique Bausch& Lomb Optical Company Microscope. Complete with original wooden case/box. Microscope seems in good condition other than some discoloration of the brass. Knobs rotate easily, turret section rotates. Bottom mirror is not blackened, lenses work. Microscope is marked"pat. Feb. 16 1897" on top adjusting knob. Comes with 2 eye pieces marked 10& 7.5. Believe this is a medical type microscope. Comes with original wood box which is in fair condition. Structurally intact, but with a fair amount of nicks& bumps. Do not have the key for the lock on front and there are some paint smudges on it. Inside box is in good condition. Has sliding"drawers" for holding lenses or other vials which are in good condition, slide out& removable& replaceable easily. Comes with one metal vial that held ... morea type of oil which appears to have congealed. But holder still interesting and possibly reusable. Has handle on top& marked"from Edward Pennock Optical and Other Scientific Instruments" with his address. Coming from a smoke free home. This was in my father-in-law's estate which we are slowly disposing of. Believe this was his father's who was a doctor was back in early 1900s through 1920s. Please email any questions or if you would like more pictures as I know very little about microscopes. Please review pictures carefully as they are an integral part of the item description. Shipping costs included are based on best estimate of cost to ship. Based on assumed packed weight and this is a pretty heavy item.
Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Antique Brass Microscope 200355
On the front is Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Rochester N.Y. U.S.A. 200355. Brass is uncleaned. Base appears to be cast metal and has a black crackled surface which shows its age, approximately 100 years old.
Antique 1915 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Microscope,Brass Fixtures,Classic Look!
What you are viewing it an original is an original 1915 Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. Microscope with brass fixtures. Piece is in great shape and working order. All optics look to be in great shape and everything displays well for its age. Piece measures 4in X 7in X 13in and is a nice displayable size. Thank you for looking. Please Check out my and for more interesting pieces and happy bidding. All payments must be made within 72 hours of purchase. Thanks!
Antique Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Microscope 10x 43x and 97x oil
Selling a vintage/antique university optical microscope. 10x 43 x 97x oil views. From the Guggenheim Dental Clinic at NYU. See pictures. U.S. patent#2.093,611
Vintage Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Precision High-Powered Science Lab Microscope
Vintage Bausch& Lomb Optical Company High Powered Science Lab Microscope POM 12. Made in Rochester N.Y. USA. Serial Number 226724. Excellent Working Condition. Comes with 2 viewing lenses(a 4mm, 0.85, 45X and 16mm, 0.25, 10X)
Vintage Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Scientific Adjustable Spot Light Lamp
Welcome to another A2B Vintage Warehouse Listing! I have available a vintage Bausch& Lomb adjustable spotlight. Entire body and frame are metal. With the exception of the turn dials, which are hard plastic. Lamp plugs in a standard outlet and works on a cord switch. lamp works just fine. Light is very bright. Orb shaped lamp adjusts up and down on arm and rotates completely around. Front of lens frame is marked: BAUSCH& LOMB OPTICAL CO. ROCHESTER. N.Y. Lamp works great and is in great cosmetic shape. Minor marks and scratches. Lamp measures approx: 12" tall when adjusted to top edge of arm x 6 3/4" wide x 7" deep. weighs approx: 6.5 lbs_ Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE PAYMENT We accept PayPal only. Payment is expected(and appreciated) within 7 days of auction end. Ohio buyers pay 7% Sales Tax. RETURNS ... moreAll items are sold“as is” and we will do our best to list any damage or imperfections. If an item is clearly not what we represent it to be. Or you are unhappy with it, we will gladly refund the price of the item less S& H as long as we are notified within 14 days. Items must be returned in the condition originally sent with insurance if originally mailed with insurance. Buyer pays return shipping unless item is clearly not as described. USA SHIPPING Shipping is calculated for your zip code. To check shipping charges. Click on Calculate or Shipping Details and input your zip code. If you would like a different shipping method than offered or to add insurance. Please let us know before paying for item. All items will get a delivery confirmation number. Combined shipping is always fine as long as items can be safely shipped together. Need more information? Please feel free to ask anything! NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE ABOUT US As estate liquidators. We find incredible pieces at great values and truly enjoy seeing our uniqu
This antique cast metal& brass microscope appears to be in good working condition. But I'm not an expert on old microscopes, so it is being sold"as is" with no returns(and no reserve and no buy it now. The stand has some chips in the finish, with the most noticeable ones being on the"neck" see last photo. Also, the table has a crack on the corner(photo#9) and one of the slide clips has minor plate wear near the screw. The three lenses that come with the scope are 1mm, 4mm& 16mm(all three are marked Bausch& Lomb Optical Co. The scope comes with two mirrors, but the extra mirror may or may not be a B& L mirror, so it may not fit the scope. The scope is marked: B. L. O. Co. PAT. DEC 1 08(photo#11. While the scope is patent dated 1908, I'm not sure what the actual manufacture date is. The opening the ... moreeyepiece fits in is marked: 89669 The wooden box/case is intact, but it has scuffs& scratches, finish wear and a there's a crack on the top(photo#3-the top is also slightly warped. There is no key for the box. The scope& case are heavy(14-15 lbs. packaged) So boxed standard shipping with tracking will be $25.00 in the continental U.S. Boxed priority shipping to Canada will be $60.00. Boxed international priority shipping will be $85.00. CANADIAN BIDDERS-PLEASE WAIT FOR INVOICE BEFORE SUBMITTING PAYMENT. SHIPPING TO CANADA IS LESS THAN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. BUYER ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ITEMS SHIPPED OVERSEAS. I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER LOST ITEMS AND/OR DISHONEST CUSTOMS AGENTS) Paypal only. Insurance at buyer's request. Items purchased within Connecticut must pay 6.35% sales tax unless a re-sale tax number is provided. If payment is received before 4:00pm eastern time on the day of the sale(EXCLUDING WEEKENDS) items will ship the same day. If payment is received after 4:00, items will ship the following morning. If you're ever in NW Connecticut, stop by my shop A STEP BACK IN TIME at 458 Main St. Winsted, Ct.open 6 days-closed Tuesday) Thanks for looki
Brass projector lens. Off an old magic lantern. Marked Bausch& Lomb& Kleine Optical Co. See fifth photo. Lens is a bit cloudy with dust/particles on the inside of the lens. I don't see any major scratches but likely there are some there. Adjusting wheel won't turn, I don't want to force it. Measures 4 1/4" long and the wider end measures 2 1/4" in diameter. Sold as found. Boxed shipping.
Antique BRASS Microscope Objective Bausch & Lomb Optical Co Series I 1/6 RARE
Antique BRASS Bausch& Lomb Optica l Co Rochester NY Chicago Objective SERIES I 1/6 0.82 N. A. Tube Length 1600 M.M.
Rare bausch & lomb optical co. Photographic Lenes handbook
Very Fine condition one ink dots as shown in picture