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Three excellent petrology mounts by M.Hensoldt Wetzler.
0 0 1 473 2701 The Associated Press 22 6 3168 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE This is a very interesting estate sale find. And it is in remarkably good condition. The black box contains 50“Microscopical Preparations” slides, including diatoms of various things like“The Tongue of a Snail, or"The Abdomen of a Bee. The best I’ve been able to determine, these slides became popular in the mid-1800s, and had something of a heyday in the 1880s or so. The case is in very good condition. Though i t has some scuffs- included in photos. The two front hook latches close into a circular catch. It says“Microscopical Preparations” and Hensoldt/Wetzlar/Germany with the Wetzlar logo. It also says Hensoldt/Wetzlar/Germany on the right side of all the slides. Some of the slides have a black circle encasing the specimen and others have a ... moreraised top over the specimen. Hensoldt is a German microscope maker. I have seen some slides online with“M. Hensoldt” on it. With the same sort of paper, dated to about 1880 or so. These slides without the“M. for Moritz, the founder) may be a little later, though they use the same paper and style, so my guess is that they are of that same era. One of the few mentions I found during my research of the Hensoldt slides indicated that a famous British slide-preparer had actually purchased his slides from M. Hensoldt. Took the Hensoldt papers off of them, and then put his own name on them to sell mostly because of the maker's products superior quality. I say 50 slides– but there is actually one of them that appears to be a blank without a specimen on it. None of them appear to be cracked or chipped. I have attached a list of what is written on each slide- the best that I could determine– the writing on them is very nice. But it is also very small! 1. Wing of Butterfly. Alla popilioris 2. Clapergillus glaricus 3. Spinning of caterpillar. Bombyn mori 4. Petalum cumpilis snellatin. Dcutvia 5. Crystals in cello. Allium sativum 6. Pollen pini 7. Sting of wasp. Aculeus vaspae 8