Brass Masthead Antique Perkins Marine Vintage Perko Perkins Marine Antique Bow Light Rare Vintage Marine Brass Passage Light Antique Perko Perkins Boat Signal Lantern Navigation Lamp Navigation Lantern Antique Vintage Perko Boat Stern Light Masthead Light Passageway Light Ship Deck Light Maritime Kerosene Ship Lantern Kerosene Oil Anchor Oil Lantern Perko Bow Light Masthead Lantern Lamp Port Starboard Vintage Marine Brass Passage Light Set Boat Running Light Brass Boat Bow Light Cargo Ship Aluminium Tung Woo Nautical Cargo Lantern Nautical Passageway Light Bow Light Red Green Nautical Search Light Rare Perko Port Starboard Lantern Lantern Ship Oil Lamp Maritime Boat Brass Anchor Light Perko Port Starboard Green Vintage Tung Woo Ship Search Light Copper Ship Oil Vintage Perko Perkins Masthead Ship Brass Ship Lights Nautical Search Vintage Masthead Nautical Spot Light Vintage Marine Aluminium Ship Navigation Light Tung Woo Ship Lantern Port Starboard Brass Passageway Marine Red Green Mast Light Perko Navigation Starboard Red Nautical Cargo Nippon Sento Red Fresnel Copper Maritime Lantern Ship Search Brass Port Starboard Perkins Marine Lamp Red Fresnel Lens Brass Stern Copper Brass Anchor Perko Port Starboard Nautical Navigation Light Lamp Port Lantern Aluminium Passage Light Mast Head Brass Passage Light Lamp Perko Ship Lantern Light W Brass Deflector Nautical Dock Light Light Chris Craft Glass Fresnel Port Starboard Lights Rare Vintage Marine Brass Spot Light Marine Oil Lamp Passage Light 1 Spot Search Light Nautical Boat Bow Perko Brass Ship Lantern Great Britain Marine Brass Kerosene Nautical Lighting Perko Maritime Ship Lantern Copper Brass Ship Brass Passage Light Maritime Lamps Ship Lantern Port Bow Lantern Nautical Hanging Light Bow Light Red Antique Tung Woo Ship Lantern Kerosene Cargo Oil Vintage Marine Cargo Ship Brass Boat Spotlight Ship Oil Lamp Maritime Boat Light Brass Passage Light Lamp Ship Perko Perkins Marine Lamp Maritime Rare Brass Light 1 Pc Dock Light Marine Brass Copper Spot Light Bow Lamp Yacht Lamp Nautical Marine Ship Lantern Antique Triplex Perko Marine Lamp Anchor Oil Lamp Lamp Fresnel Lens Bulkhead Light Perkins Lantern Marine Spotlight Rare Vintage Marine Aluminium Port Starboard Nautical Vintage Boat Bow Light Light 1 Pcs Mile Ray Marine Oil Lantern Maritime Boat Light Vintage Brass Bulkhead Light Nautical Maritime Rare Passage Light Set Perko Perkins Marine Vintage Ship Lights Antique Brass Perko Nautical Dock Stern Light Sconce Nautical Marine Search Light Lantern Electrified Vintage Perko Light National Marine Lamp Marine Navigation Light Antique Marine Light Lens For Boat Nautical Wall Light Vintage Marine Brass Copper Nautical Ceiling Light Nautical Spot Cast Brass Nautical Antique Maritime Ship Lantern Ship Lantern Boat Light Vintage Boat Lights Rare Vintage Marine Brass Copper Nautical Table Lamp Fresnel Lens Ship Lantern Red Brass Ship Anchor Deck Lantern Bow Stern Vintage Anchor Ship Light Lantern Tung Woo Hong Kong Marine Lamp Boat Cargo Ship Iron Brass Ships Lamp Nautical Kerosene Passage Light Set Of 2 Antique Copper Ship Perko Copper Searchlight Spotlight Light Rewired Vintage Search Light Brass Explosion Proof Nautical Ceiling Light Set Of 2 Pcs Brass Aluminium Cargo Oil Lamp Marine Nautical Signal Flag Ship 100 Anchor Electric Cast Brass Ship Lantern Ship Oil Lamp Nautical Brass Perkins Antique Perkins Light Fixture Boat Vintage Boat Bow Vintage Marine Aluminium Passage Light Ship Spotlight Vintage Perko Nautical Navigation Light Vintage Bow Light Brass Spot Light Starboard Lantern Antique Spotlight Rare Vintage Marine Aluminum Signal Lantern Lamp Buoy Light Starboard Lantern Ship Oil Lamp Weems Plath Yacht Lantern Perkins Navigation Boat Running Lamp Oil Lamp Nautical Maritime Lens Nautical Channel Marker Anchor Lamp Brass Passage Light 1 Lantern Converted Brass Nautical Bulkhead Light
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Location: Concord, United States
The HBOS360 is a high bay ceiling mount occupancy sensor that automatically operates lighting systems based on occupancy and ambient light levels. It’s ... moreeffortless energy saving that is perfect for use in: storage areas, small bathrooms, copy rooms, computer rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, warehouses, and more.

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Approx 9 inch Diameter. Solid Heav y Brass. 4 lbs ORIGINAL SHIP'S DECK LIGHT IN EXCELLENT CONDITON with ORIGINAL FRESENELLED GLASS AND ORIGINAL BRASS INCADESCENT BULB HOLDDER. RARE! PLEASE READ THE IMPORTANT& BINDING TERMS OF CONTRACT BELOW Shipping& Transit Times: Regular shipping is via signed-for Indiapost and can take anywhere from 7-21 days for international deliveries, sometimes even longer depending upon customs clearance times in your country. We also offer expedited shipping that may be either EMS or UPS. These typically take 5-7 days to arrive. We are not responsible for transit delays of the carriers. If you have not received your item in the advised delivery time. Please drop us a note via the ebay system and we will do our best to trace it online for you. Please check the ebay system for likely delivery times since ... morethere may be 7-10 days additional delivery period for items that need to be ordered from the factory or items that may require servicing before despatch Refunds& Returns: We STRICTLY do not make partial refunds to avoid fraudulent claims. We accept returns on all items provided buyer pays all associated return costs. Including any additional customs duties. Returns are accepted only by courier mode such as Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT since they alone offer reliable tracking. Your original payment will be refunded, return shipping costs will have to be borne solely by the buyer. Please do NOT bid on our items if you are not in agreement with the return terms- this applies for all items- whether the item is damaged in transit, or is not to your expectations, or for any other reason whatsoever. Additional Costs: Buyers who choose to pay by bank transfer may be required by their banks to pay a little extra to transmit the funds. Also some countries may have local import taxes and customs duties levied on incoming packages. These costs are to be borne by the buyer and it is not possible for us to quantify them. Seller will bear all ebay and paypal charges and commissions. We thank you