Unique Roman Bronze Ring Antique Style Bronze Roman Guizhou Miao Silver Bronze Carvings Reproduction Ancient Classical Pure Handmade Miao Silver Filigree Hairpin Headdress Bronze Roman Phallus Unique Roman Bronze Unique Interesting Roman Bronze Sculpture Carvings Hairpin Headdress 2014- Antique Bronze Roman Cuneiform Tablet National Style Guizhou Miao Silver Handmade Style Guizhou Miao Silver Handmade Necklace Ancient Style Bronze Antique Ancient Style Vintage Style Handmade Miao Silver Phallus Amulet Classical Pure Copper Candle Stick Royal Hairpin Headdress Bronze Roman Legionary Pure Bronze 24K Gold Carvings Dragon Style Bronze Roman 100 Handmade Miao Silver Buddhism Worship Pure Bronze Gold Cloisonne Copper Carvings Tibet Tibetan Buddhism Bronze Greek Corinthian Helmet Bc Museum Replica Babylonian Cuneiform Pure Bronze Gold Tibet Buddhism Buddha Classical Red Bronze Pure Red Bronze Luck Jade Handwork Nine Dragon Ring With Images Trojan War Handmade Miao Silver Greek Spartan Corinthian Bring Wealth Bronze Sculpture Carvings Roman Figure Roman God Classical Pure Bronze Pure Copper Sculpture Carvings Beautiful Roman Bronze Bracelet 1 Pair Roman Bronze Intaglio Ring 300 Spartan Unique Greek Bronze China Vintage Jade Hand-Carved Avoid Evil Handmade Guizhou Miao Silver Woman Burn Incense Unique Superb Medieval Greek Roman Copper Roman Fibula Superb Roman Bronze Bronze Figurine Figure Statue Greek Bronze Ring Roman Bronze Zoomorphic Enamel Fibula Brosh Archaic Bronze Pre-Columbian Olmec Evil Spirits China Vintage Jade 12 Century Bc Handmade Miao Silver Flowers Hairpin Headdress Style Handmade Miao Silver Flowers Hairpin Vintage Style Handmade Miao Silver Flowers 2500 Bc Wealth Maitreya Buddha Indus Valley Hairpin Headdress 1 Pair Spartan Armor Archer's Ring China Luck Super Unique Luck Jade Sand Timer Red Bronze Carvings Replica Coins Olmec Reproductions Antique Greek Vase Reproductions Candle Stick 1 Pair 100 Bronze 100 Handmade Miao Silver Flowers 24K Gold Amulet Pendant Ancient Bronze Ancient Costumes Handmade Miao Silver Filigree Ancient Egypt Ancient Greek Ancient Replica Ancient Roman Antique Ancient Antique Bronze Antique Crucifix Antique Finish Antique Orthodox Christian Antique Replica Antique Statues Antique Style Arlequines Armor Helmet Bed Bi Coins Wealth Bone Brass Antique Brass Clock Brass Copper Bronze Bronze Age Bronze Bust Bronze Byzantine Bronze Copper Bronze Gilt Bronze Gold Bronze Ring Bronze Sculpture Bronze Silver Bronze Statue Bronze Statues Bronze Vase Buddha Kwan-Yin Buddha Statue Bust Byzantine Byzantine Cross Candle Stick Centurian Ring Century Bc Century Style Old Portuguese Native Figurine Chair China Ancient Costumes Handmade Miao Silver Chinese Bronze Statues Chinese Buddhism Chinese Classical Chinese Pure Chinese Pure Bronze Chinese Silver Chinese Statue Chinese Vases Civil War Classical Classical Antiquities Clock Cloisonne Flowers Collectable Soldier Talking Quartz Alarm Clock Commemerative Glass Bottles Copper Antique Costumes Handmade Miao Silver Filigree Hairpin Crock Cross Cross Crucifix Pendant Crusader Era Crystal Vases Decor Brass Desk Telephone Dolphin Dragon Dragon Statue Etrusc Fengshui Statue Fibula Fibula Brooch Figurine Figurine Figure Figurine Figure Statue Flowers Symbols Frieze Gius Canacci Glass Gold Gold Tibet Greek Greek Bronze Guan Gong Helmet Replica Home Decor Horses I Htmmyfacebook Coml Incense Burner Incense Burner Censer Intaglio Jade Carved Jade Carvings Jade Hand-Carved Jade Handwork Jade Necklace Pendant Jade Statues Kwan Yin Kwan-Yin Bodhisattva
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Location: เมืองเชียงใหม่, Thailand
I bet none of your friends has one of these. Don't let this unique opportunity pass you by. Buy it now! Miao Hill Tribe. Woman's Head Dress. 100% HANDMADE. ... more(Wicker Stand NOT INCLUDED).

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Handmade Guizhou Miao Silver Woman Earrings W385
i000000. Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Handmade Guizhou Miao Silver Woman Earrings#2619 welcome to xiaotan225 Description: Now you are watching a stunning silver necklace. Which is just a decoration around the neck, because as you know, in ancient China, so they would hang a necklace around the neck of the child to pray for safety and health. which means lucky in China, this item comes from Miao, one of the 56 minority nationalities in China, with distinctive features of China, if you take a keen interest in Chinese fold culture, this item is a best choice. And here is Guizhou Miao Silver Necklace, coming from Guizhou Miao nationality, you can see its deigns are very rare and beautiful, if you win it, it will bring you luck and peace, please do not miss it. Size: 8x3(CM) Condition: Excellent Work: Handmade Guarantee& ... moreRefund We guarantee your 100% satisfaction on all of our auctions. As a seller. Our goals are your 100% satisfaction, your repeat business and your positive feedback. If you have any problem with your purchase, please let us know immediately and give us a chance to resolve it to your satisfaction. Buyer can return the item within 7 days after receipt as long as the item is in the same condition when you received, Please email me in time if you are dissatisfied with the items. I will try my best to resolve the problem. If don't want the item, please return it to me in good condition. Then I will refund the price of the item to you. Or I could replace it with another item of same value. Buyer has to pay roundtrip-shipping costs in this case. Analyzing"Smart Counters" only@ inkFrog.com Shipping Shipping(10-15 days)Free Please check your shipping carefully before Address. It can't be changed if order completed. Ship to your ebay Register address ONLY. Please confirm it before placing the order. Generally.The items will be sent by USPS/it usually takes about 7-10 business days to arrive at your destination after shipped.with some upstate place which is far away f