Icon Ikone Icon Wooden Frame Glass Icon On Metal Structure Icon Crucifixion 19C Russian Orthodox Bronze Icon Cross Russian Orthodox Icon Saint 19C Rare Russian Antique Greek Icon Icon The Resurrection Russian Greek Orthodox Icon Russian Icon Of St Nicholas Silver Plated Icon Russian 84 Silver Orthodox Icon Tempera Painted Icon Icon Icona Antique Russian Orthodox Brass Vintage Greek Icon Wooden Frame Glass Icon Christ Pantocrator Orthodox Bronze Icon Antique Russian Orthodox Brass Icon Icon Archangel Russian Orthodox Bronze Icon Russian Orthodox Icon 19Th Greek Orthodox Icon On Metal Base Metal Structure Byzantine Icon On Wood Orthodox Icon Holy Paper Icon Metal Structure 19C Russian Orthodox Hand Painted Wood Silver Oklad Rare Russian Orthodox Metal Icon On Wood Russian Icon Jesus Christ Hand Painted Icon Jesus Icon On Tin Frame St George Icon Antique Brass Icon Brass Oklad Greek Orthodox Byzantine Icon Orthodox Christian Icon Icon Saint George Rare Russian Orthodox Icon Greek Orthodox Byzantine Antique 19C Russian Orthodox Hand Painted Icon Of St George Orthodox Icon Cross Miniature Icon Tempera On Wood Tempera Wood Greek Orthodox Silver Brass Icon Virgin Panel Icon Icon Handmade Tempera Wood Icon Russian Orthodox Hand Painted Wood Icon Panagia Mary Hand Painted Tempera Hand Painted Tempera Icon Christ Pantocrator Russian Orthodox Icon Virgin Icon 18 Antique Greek Orthodox Russian Religious Icon Silver Icon Virgin Tin Icon Tin Frame Glass Icon Tin Frame Glass Russian Icon Christ Pantocrator Painted Icon Virgin Russia Orthodox Bronze Icon Icon Archangel Michael Icon Wooden Frame +Glass Icon Saint Nicholas Icon Of St Nicholas Antique Russian Icon Ikone Icon Ikoon Jesus Vintage Greek Orthodox Icon Ikone Icon Ikoon Ikona Icoon Pantocrator Icon Holy Virgin Icon Handpainted Greek Orthodox Icon Wooden Frame Glass Jesus Vintage Greek Icon Theotokos Antique Russian Silver Icon Russian Icon Ikone Icon Ikoon Ikona Icon Was Painted During 19Th Antique Russian Icon 84 Saint George Icon Orthodox Tempera Century Antique Russian Icon Of St Painted Icon Saint Orthodox Icon Saint George Greek Icon On Metal Base 2 1800S Antique Russian Icon Sterling Russia Orthodox Bronze Orthodox Church Icon Kazan Icon Panagia Enameled Icon Orthodox Byzantine Icon Saint Nicholas Icon Metal Base 3 3 X 5' Picture Icon Icon 19 Egg Tempera 18Th Century Antique Russian Russian Icon Bronze Icon Italy Vintage Greek Orthodox Icon On Metal Vintage Russian Orthodox Greek Icon On Metal Base 3 Nicholas Icon Hand Painted Byzantine Russian Brass Icon Vintage Orthodox Hand Painted Travel Icon Icon Oklad 1800S Antique Russian Icon Antique Russian Orthodox Bronze Icon Eastern Orthodox Russian Hand Painted Icon Antique Silver Icon Icone Antique Russian Icon Of St Triptych Icon Oklad Silver 84 Icon St Enamel Icon Metal Base 2 X 3' Ceramic Tile Icon Hand Painted Saint Icon Jesus Pantocrator Silver Riza Orthodox Christian Virgin Of Kazan Russian Greek Rare Antique Russian Icon Rare 19C Russian Orthodox Icon Christian Icon Madonna And Child Icon Vintage Religious Icon Icon Plaque Tempera Carved Icon 19Th Century Antique Russian Icon Russian Tempera Painted Icon Catholic Icon Orthodox Icon Of St Orthodox Icon St Ceramic Tile Icon Orthodox Church Christ 19Th Repousse Icon Greece Saint Antique Orthodox Russian Icon Vintage Greek Orthodox Paper Icon Greek Orthodox Paper Icon On Metal Byzantine Art Paper Lithoprint Russian Icon Orthodox Byzantine Icon Mother Of God Greece 1950S Icon Virgin Of Kazan Wood Triptych Bronze Enameled Icon 1960 Saint Icon Pendant Orthodox Religious Saint Barbara Icon Egg Hand Painted Tempera Wood Italian Icon Paper Icon On Wood Eastern Orthodox Icon Icon Cross Oklad Riza Icona Russa Icon Oval Saint Demetrius Paper Icon Icon Madonna And Child Icon Madonna Child Orthodox Catholic Icon Jesus Christ Antique Religious Icon Theotokos Icon Christian Orthodox Virgin Mary Jesus Christ Vtg Old Paper Lithoprint Ortodox Icon Exquisite Russian Antique Handpainted Icon Russian Icon Of St Russian Icon Mother Of God Brass Icon Riza Icon Wooden Frame Glass Antique Russian 84 Silver Orthodox Icon Silver Oklad 84 Antique Russian Orthodox Icon Ikona
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Antique Greek Icon Ikone Icons Ikoon Ikona Icoon Annunciation 18th C
Many more old icons for sale. look at sellers other items. Annunciation. Greek icon. 18 th century. Tempera on wooden board. Size 42 x 30 cm. The Feast of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady. The Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary is celebrated on March 25 each year. The Feast commemorates the announcement by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Son of God, would become incarnate and enter into this world through her womb. The icon of the Annunciation is one that presents the joy of the announcement of the coming of Christ. Condition: authentic icon in good condition. Provenance: private collection Germany. The authenticity of every icon is guaranteed. Every icon is sold with extensive written expertise Every icon is sold with extensive written expertise. The authenticity of every icon is guaranteed. ... moreShipping cost 40 dollar within europe and USA. We prefer wire transfer. If you want to pay with paypall we charge 3% on the totall sum(incl shipping)