Ss Bar Belly Ring European Bronze Age Flesh Tunnel Bar Navel Ring Bar Navel Celtic Spear Belly Ring With Ss Scotland Amethyst 600-400 Bc Celtic La Tene Celtic Bronze Age Celtic Style Bronze Ancient European Bronze Age Celtic Bronze Bracelet Celtic Bronze Pendant Ancient Celtic Bronze Ring Proto Money Eyebrow Ring Ancient Celtic Silver Ancient Celt Ancient Old Ornament Bronze Fibula Brooch Celtic Proto-Money Coin La Tene Nose Stud Bronze Age Axe Celtic Iron Axe Ancient Celtic Iron Ear Expander Tongue Ring 1 Ancient Celtic Ring Proto Money Banana Bar Belly Ring Celtic Proto-Money Coins 2 Antique 19Thc Ring Body Jewelry Century Bc Celtic 800-400 Bc Curved Bar Belly Ring Ss Curved Celtic Warrior Antique Celtic Bar Belly Ring Navel Belly Ring 2 Ancient Celtic Bronze Ear Stud In 12 Pair Tray Banana Bar Navel Silver Belly Ring Banana Bar Navel Ring Navel Belly Spiral Ear Warrior Amulet La Tène Culture Celtic Iron Age Ear Flesh Tunnel Age Axe Ancient Roman Celtic Ss Bar Navel 800 Bc Proto Money Rare Ancient Celtic Celtic Ring Proto Money Old 600-400 Ring Proto Money Old 600-400 Bc 800Bc Very Rare And Scarce Ancient Roman Celtic Coiled Ring Ancient Celtic Bronze Bracelet Logo Tongue Ring Celt Magic Bronze Socketed Nice Celtic Celtic Iron L6 Ancient Celtic Bronze Logo Ear Celtic Horse Artifact Celtic Britain Bronze Ring Proto Money 600-400 Bc Celtic Bronze Ring Proto Money 600-400 Socketed Axe Celtic Axe Head Authentic Celtic Banana Bar Ball End Nose Pin Gem Of Ancient Navel Ring Antique 1Ct Curved Bar Fake Ear Superb Ancient Celtic Celtic Spear Head Ss Banana Bar Ear Plug Unique Celtic Proto-Money Coins 800Bc Ruby Ancient Ancient Celtic Silver Coiled Ring Bronze Axe Medieval England Circa 4Th Century Axe Amulet Danubian Celtic Crystal Stone Heart Ear Taper Ss Curved Bar Bronze Fibula Brooch Fancy Multi Amethyst Scotland Celt 2 3Ct 316L Ss Ancient Celtic Bronze Ss Bar Bar Navel Belly Ring 3-2 Bc La Tène Culture Nose Screw Body Jewelry Ancient Celtic Iron Axe Bronze Artifact Celtic Britain Fertility Pendant Celtic Roman Greek Nose Pin Bronze Fertility Rare Celtic Belly Button Ring Plain Tongue Ring Straight Ear Expander Celtic Sunshine Tongue Barbell Scarce Ancient Proto Money Old 600-400 Bc Coin Hallstatt Culture 4 Celtic Curved Bar Navel Huge Ancient Rare And Scarce Ancient Coin 10-9 Century Bc Cent Bce Ancient Celtic Bronze Arrowhead Sapphire Gem Bronze Arrowhead Money Piece Cent Ce Proto Money 600-400 Bc Old Pre-Coin Iron Axe Silicone Ear Plug 3Ct Sapphire Preciosa Crystal Stone Steel Curved Madonna Labret Scotland Amethyst Ancient Celtic Celtic Horseshoe 500 Bc 2000 Years Old Celtic Small Votive Celtic Small Votive Pottery La Tene Votive Pottery La Tene Mars Temple Bronze Age Looped Celt Silver Belly Ring 800-400 Bc Extra Plague Evil Wedding Bend Ring Ring Money Piece Voc Duit Colonial Celtic Necklace 1000 Bc Ying Yang Bronze Fibulae Brooch 100 Bc 14K Gold 18Thc Antique 19Thc Antique 200 Bc 3 Celtic Proto-Money Coin 800Bc 400 Bc 4-3 Century 925 Silver 925 Silver Jewel 925 Sterling Silver Agate Amulet Ancient Ancient Arrow Head Ancient Artifact Ancient Celtic Ancient Coin Ancient Coins Ancient European Bronze Ages Ancient Old Ornament Bronze Fibulae Brooch Ancient Ring Ancient Roman Antique Brooches Antique Greek Antique Icon Antique Knife Antique Scotland Antique Sword Antiquities Armor Arrow Head Artifact Authentic Ancient Axe Axe Head
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Location: Saint Petersburg, United States
Size: 14.3" W x 12.8" H (36.3 cm x 32.5 cm). The shape of their heads - like this one - have been attributed to deliberate skull shaping. Who exactly ... moreare these babies?. Regardless of the function or intent of the artists, they made the hollow sculptures very lifelike.
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Location: Milford, United States
MAKONDE NJOROWE BELLY MASK. They represent a pregnant young woman known as amwali ndembo. They trace their origins to a female ancestor who was carved ... morefrom wood by the first man. Belly mask in african art.

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Jeweled Fancy Pearl Dangling Steel Banana Bar Navel Belly Ring
14 Gauge and 10mm in length Surgical Grade Steel curved bar with 5mm top ball. Charm part is 925 Sterling silver.
Fancy Multi Jeweled Multi O Silver SS Navel Belly Ring
14 Gauge Stem with different lengths are available. Shaft and Ball either from 316L Surgical Grade Steel(or) Titanium Grade. Charm part is 925 Sterling silver.
Stainless Steel Body Piercing Fancy Jeweled Belly Navel Ring Assorted Colors
14g/5mm ball Available in Surgical steel and Titanium
preciosa Crystal stone Heart With SS Banana Bar Navel Belly Ring
preciosa Crystal stone With Glue Setting Heart Belly ring.
925 Sterling Silver Jeweled Fancy pearl Dangling With Curved SS Bar Navel Belly
Body Part:Navel Banana& Ball:316L Surgical Steel Charm Part:925 Sterling Silver Size:14g-3/8"5mm
Fancy Jeweled Strip On Silver Heart Navel belly Ring
Body Part:Navel Bar& Ball:Titanium(or) 316L Steel Size:14Gauge Charm:925 Sterling Silver Gem:Top Quality Stone
Sky Blue Crystal Stone Heart With Curved Bar Navel Belly Ring FDBLY628
Crystal stone Heart Belly Ring Material: 316L Surgical Steel Banana Size: 1.6x10mm Heart Size: 12 mm g.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bjw%60hquvg%3Eg-147ca5ea51e-0x106-
Jeweled Crab Navel Belly Ring
Body Part: Navel Gem:Top Quality Stone Size: 14G-10mm bar-5mm Charm: 925 Sterling Silver Bar& Ball: Titanium(or) 316L Steel
Jeweled waving flower Navel Belly Banana
Body Part: Navel Size: 14G-3/8"5mm Gem:Top Quality Stone Charm Part: 925 Sterling Silver Bar& Ball: Titanium(or) 316L Steel
Sky Blue Crystal Stone Studded Balls With Surgical Steel Navel Belly Ring
Crystal stone Belly Ring Material: 316L Surgical Steel Banana Size: 1.6x10mm Top Ball Size: 6 mm Base Ball Size: 9 mm
Aqua Crystal Rugby Ball Navel Belly Ring
Aqua Crystal Rugby Ball Navel Belly Ring Material: 316L Surgical Steel Banana Size: 1.6x10mm dhep.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bishm%3Ed%7Fhep-14b30b5e4fb-0x112-