2Nd Class Relic St 1St Class Relic St Dei Reliquary Assisi Relic Reliquary Medal Pendant Relic Theca Document Saint Padre Pio Relic Class Relic Holy Neumann Relic Anthony Of Padua Relic Sacred Heart Reliquary 2Nd Class Relic Card Multi Reliquary Frame Reliquary 3Rd Class Relic Reliquary Crucifix Cross Martyr Relic Cloth Touched To Relic Sealed Relic Medal Ex Indumentis Saint Anthony Relic Sterling Silver Reliquary Theca St Vatican Reliquary Saint Padre Pio Reliquary Relic Ex Milagro Rare Relic With Certificate Relic Reliquary Crucifix St Therese Relic Relic Medal Pendant Cloth Touched Relic Pope Pius Relic Veil Agnus Dei Pope Pocket Reliquary Reliquary Ex Voto Reliquary Pope Vatican Seal Brass Reliquary St Anthony Relic Relic Prayer Card Tube Reliquary Class Relic Ex Catholic Holy Relic Relic Saint John Relic Charm Brass Reliquary Important Relic Silver Milagro Rare Relic Of Saint Reliquary Locket Reliquaire Saint Multi Relic Ex Voto Silver John Neumann Relic Reliquary Reliquaire Saint Altar Relic Card Touched Vintage Religious Relic Relic Reliquary Medal Pio 2Nd Class True Cross Relic Ancient Reliquary St Padre Pio Priests Altar Relic Pius Ex Voto Milagro Folded Reliquary Father Pio Relic Reliquary Pendant 1St Class Relic Wooden Reliquary Christ Relic 1800S Antique Catholic Reliquary Crucifix Lisieux Relic Crucifix Reliquary Antique Reliquary Relic Saint Agnus Dei Relic Antique Agnus Dei Saint Therese Of Lisieux Veil Of Veronica's Veronica's Veil Altar Reliquary Therese Of The Child Jesus Martyr Reliquary Saint Pius Wood Reliquary Ex Voto Sacred Heart St Francis Relic Multi Relic Reliquary Relic Relique Reliquaire Frame Relic Reliquaire Reliquary Reliquiario Locket Relic St Vestment Relic Relic Inside Padre Pio Medal Saint Therese Relic St Pius Relic Italy Saint Anthony Of Padua Sacred Heart Ex Voto Crucifix Relic Reliquary John 18Th Century Reliquary Religious Reliquary Reliquary Document Monstrance Reliquary Ex Indumentis Reliquia Relic Reliquary Italian Reliquary Relic Certificate Antique Silver Reliquary Relic Of The True Cross Relic True Cross Virgin And Martyr Virgin Martyr 2Nd Class Relic Relic Reliquary Reliquaire Relic Reliquary Shrine Medal Notre Dame De Bernadette Soubirous Therese Relic Reliquary True Cross Reliquary With True Cross Relic Holder St Therese Of The Child Jesus Maria Goretti Ex Ossibus Padre Pio Relic Silver Theca Reliquary Medal John Paul Ii Relic Saint Pius X Relic Pope Pius X Relic Sterling Silver Milagro Relic Saint Joseph Gemma Galgani Reliquary Theca Relic Of Ste Vintage Catholic Relic Class Relic Of Saint Cloth Relic 1 Oz Olibanum Antique French Reliquary Relic Prayer Vintage Reliquary Relic Pocket Shrine Therese Of Lisieux Reliquary Theca Relic Pocket Relic Martin De Porres Tube Relic Rare Relic Of St Anthony Of Padua Ex Voto Milagro Sterling Silver Ex-Voto Sterling Silver Milagro Reliquary Holy Relic Rosary John Bosco Agnus Dei Pius Antique Catholic Pendant Greek Orthodox Book Of Saint Rosary Relic St Therese Of Lisieux French Reliquary Relic Mary Relic Crucifix Rare Ancient Relic Relic Coa Folded Reliquary Saint Reliquary Ex St Anthony Of Padua St Pope Pius Aloysius Gonzaga Saint Therese Cabrini Notre Dame De Lourdes French Relic Relic Locket Antique Catholic Saint Relic Ex Ossibus Reliquary Pendant Religious Relics Seal Intact Margaret Mary Alacoque Document For Relic Saint Rita Relic Statue Document St Nice Relic Reliquary Reliquaire Saint Reliquary Vintage De Montfort Vatican Relic Antique Scapular Relic Ex Indumentis Padre Pio Of Pietrelcina
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You are buying one Flaming Sacred Heart This is an old silver piece. This was pressed in a mold to acheive its three-dimensional look. It is very light with beautiful detail. It is signed on the back. It is tarnished and could be polished for a brighter shine. We also have two other sizes. Size: 3.5" top to bottom. 2.25" wide