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About Vatican Prayers

“Vatican Prayers” is intended to allow every person to pray or bless anybody or anything that is important in his or her life. This prayer can be to the god he believes in, to the world, to the person himself or anything else which holds importance for him. We at chose to allow members of our community to upload their personal prayers to the website and share them in order to receive the uplifting support we are able to provide. This in turn will make the personal prayer stronger, with support the world over, by members from all the ethnic groups, religions and cultures. This support can happen by pressing the designated Amen button, and the more Amens there are, the one praying knows he has more and more support, and people around the world will be exposed to various prayers. In addition, there is the option to write a few words of support, and to share a personal prayer or the prayers of others who you identify with, on social networks.

Every prayer can be classified in as many prayer types as one wants, from the following list:

  • Prayer for Myself - a personal prayer that can be on any subject that is important to us in life, such as health, personal success at our job, studies, love and anything else important.
  • Prayer for a Loved One - a prayer or blessing, on any subject, directed to help the people who are especially special to us.
  • Prayer for my Family - A family prayer for health, togetherness, and success. Write a blessing or prayer and share it with your family and friends and receive support.
  • Prayer for Mankind - We all are from different countries, from different peoples and cultures - but we are all one! We will pray for all of humanity and we will unite it for mutual love and bringing hearts together.
  • General Prayer - a prayer on any subject, for anything and any issue that comes to mind. A personal prayer or a general one, a special blessing or a quote that evokes inspiration from literature or from a person important to us.

Any prayer and blessing is welcome as long as it is tasteful and not used to offend anyone else. We cannot control what others believe or say but does not accept hateful, racist or offensive remarks of any kind. WE believe in interfaith understanding and promoting peace and good will. We thus reserve the right to delete or reject any comment, Prayer or blessing we deem inappropriate and ask others to bring our attention if such abuse of the Vatican Prayers is taking place through the “contact us” found at the bottom of the webpage.