A prayer for my son

A prayer for my son

Dearest Father,

You have so many issues to deal with and I know there are many, many people who are in greater need, but I ask that you would perhaps remember my son in your prayers. He is not ill, but his spirit and soul are suffering.

His story is a simple one: at the age of 9 he was molested and terrorized for many months by a school social worker. We did not know this was happening until he began having flashbacks at age 14. He has conquered a very severe case of post traumatic stress disorder and works every day to be an honorable man. At one point, he was unable to enter a school building, so it is particularly ironic that he chose to be a special education teacher. He works with children age 9 through 11, and has helped so many kids overcome their disabilities.

He visits kids in hospitals, helps shovel snow for elderly neighbors, and really has a wonderful heart. Recently, he and his wife had a baby boy, and his joy was overwhelming.

A new administrator in his school district has accused him of deliberately changing a special education document in secret. While it is true he changed the document, he did so with the full knowledge and agreement of his IEP ( special Ed) team, and there was no secret about it. He is now being charged with unethical behavior. Father, my son is no saint, but he would never be unethical.

I ask that you remember him in your prayers, that he does not lose heart, or turn away from his vocation. He has conquered so much, and I know God does not give burdens without the grace to deal with them, but my son is buckling under the weight of this problem.

Your message to we Americans these past few days has been so inspiring, I hesitated to ask, but I would do anything to help my son, Sean Masterton, during his time of need.

Thank you Father for your help.


Patricia Masterton

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