Peace and Prosperity, through World Action.

Peace and Prosperity, through World Action.

He who was before, known to you by the name Jesus of Nazareth, is again here. He sees what you are doing, he knows what has already been done. Who sits atop the seven peaks, to you this next direct; Your city walls have been made sturdy, your power seemingly limitless, if it is your wish to change this error, of the prior bearers of that most,.... renowned title,... you must give the truth about who when and why my words were altered to present her teachings, you must tell that angels are actually EBE's, you must disclose the genetic changes that were introduced by them, you must begin to spread the truth and confess publicly, renounce publicly, repent publicly, and begin to do the job which was intended for you. By using Jesus, you insult muslims, so stop doing it, out of kindness, use only, "The Light, That is All That Is Good within each and all of us." Then you insult none. And tell the people that the authors were all using DMT.

If you can do these last things, your church can again find grace, turn away from your dark path, remove the Luciferian Artifacts from the halls below, and give them to a museum,... destroy what can not be donated. And your lady, and her beast, may also again be welcomed.

To the people, I say this: I hear your souls, I know which of you are true, and those whom are not. You must all do your part, stopping the world from oil. stopping the monetary systems, destroy lucifer's den, which is the so-called illuminati, the masons, the shriners, whichever name you prefer. they are not good. I pray, that you all have the courage, the mindfulness, the capacity to do what will be required of you, in the time that is soon to come. If peace can not be made by freewill, then the gates of hell to be opened, and the fires to enter unto this realm. the time has come for Just and Righteous actions. If the church is unwilling to humble itself, before all people, then it too, will remain no longer. I Pray for Peace and Prosperity to everyone, everywhere.

I have brought for a weapon and a tool of the Light, to bring this place unlimited, and infinitely infinite free, clean electricity. May you take this weapon, and defend your home. The time has come, It can not wait longer. your deeds determine your path, but your heart, will always be shown.

Be Wise, Take heed, I do not type just for the sake of it,


The Lion (Leo)

The Ox (1985)

The Eagle (Gavin, my son, the son of a man)

The Man (David Sider-La France)


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