Pope Prophecies

As the Pope is such a prominent figure there have been several Pope prophecies that have been made by different people concerning the future of the Roman Catholic Church. Different documents have been written about the predictions about the Roman Catholic popes and the end of the Catholic Church. The first alleged pope prophecies were published by the Benedictine monk Arnold Celestine II Wion in 1595. However, these prophecies were disregarded by both the Catholic Church and historians, and they termed them as a fabrication.

Another pope prophecy was that of Prophet Nostradamus. In his prophecy, he stated that the end of the Catholic Church's papacy will be marked by passing of the Comet Ison. Astronomers have announced that Comet Ison will pass later this year.

There was also a Benedictine monk who claimed to have come across a collection of the Saint’s papers in 1595 where he had written 112 short but imprecise prophecies. Every prophecy is linked with the pontificate of a different pope. According to these prophecies, the last verse (verse 112) applied to the current pope; Pope Francis I. the verse states, “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.” However, these are just vague words that are open to speculation even if another pope is elected today. Those who adamantly believe that these vague prophecies  refer to the current pope will change the facts around and show how the prophecy is directly associated with the new pope.

There are many other pope prophecies that have been associated with the end of the papacy and the Roman Catholic Church but meanwhile none of them have come to pass. All the pope prophecies have been proved wrong and now it can be courageously said that these prophecies have no basis or bearing. Maybe they were just false statements written by people whose aim was to divide the Catholic Church, cause panic among faithful or seek attention.

There were also other pope prophecies spread in the internet and the Bible prophecy community based on the prophecy made by Saint Malachy. According to this prophecy, Pope Benedict XVI was the second last pope to lead the Roman Catholic Church. Thereafter, the last pope will be elected and destruction of Rome will soon come. But there is no need to take these prophecies seriously. In the past there were many scientists, false prophets and people who have come up with evidences that the world was coming to an end and yet we are still here.

Different Catholic scholars have been divided on the issue of the pope prophecies, with some defending them while others dismiss them completely. Many people take interest in these prophecies. However they seem to give us more information about the people who wrote them then about the future of the church and papacy.