Weddings at St. Peter

St. Peter is one of the most impressive and beautiful settings to use for a wedding in Rome, Italy. It does not matter whether you are a Roman resident or you are a foreigner, your wedding at St. Peter can be organized if you request for the venue. There are several agencies that are responsible for organizing weddings at St. Peter and this makes it easier for foreigners to hold their weddings at this spectacular location.

There are many locations in Rome where weddings can be held due to the various outstanding sites that the city has. However, St. Peter Square has remained to be the most preferred location due to several reasons. The first is the location’s capacity. St. Peter is the biggest square in Rome and it is the same place that is used during celebration of special Catholic Masses. The place is well organized, and both the indoor and outdoor venues are incredible.

The Second reason is the spectacular view that the place offers. St. Peter Square has awesome monuments within it and the sites in its surroundings are undoubtedly beautiful. The place is surrounded by cool gardens and parks, remarkable architectural buildings, museums, restaurants, and exclusive works of art. Your visitors will be astounded by the beautiful scenery at St. Peter as all its surroundings are exciting and breathtaking.

For the Roman Catholics, celebrating a wedding at St. Peter has a special spiritual meaning. Vatican City is where the leader of the Roman Catholic Church lives and therefore holding a wedding here will definitely be accompanied by joy and smiles. You will be celebrating your wedding before the eyes of the most prominent people in the Roman Catholic Church and your wedding is most likely to attract a big audience.

If you want to have your wedding at St. Peter, you will have to talk to your priest and make him submit your request to the right people at the Vatican. If you are granted the chance, then there are some rules that you need to adhere to. For example, in terms of decorations, the music and flowers must be supplied by the St. Peter’s parish. External musicians and florists are rarely accepted but you will be guided on how the arrangements will be made. Those who wish to celebrate their wedding at St. Peter will also pay a fee to the Vatican but the fee is worth it!

Marry at the VaticanMarry at the Vatican

Among the most exciting activities during weddings at St. Peter is the photo shoots. With the location’s incredible artworks, structures and gardens, couples find it very exciting to take photos on these backgrounds. The Swiss Guards maintaining peace and order at the place can also add color to the photos.

Many people would definitely like to marry in Rome because of its historical and religious importance. St. Peter Square is one of the best places to have a wedding due to the incredible amount of space, its surroundings and the expected audience. The place can be used all year-round and guarantees you comfort, beautiful scenery and the one of the most romantic and cool environments for a wedding.