Vatican news

Vatican City is an independent state and therefore it definitely has lots of news to distribute to its citizens and followers. The Pope is the president of the Vatican City and all the activities he does are followed by Catholics and other people from all parts of the world. There are different channels through which Vatican disseminates its news to the world. First is the Vatican Radio which is located in a tower within the Vatican Garden. The radio broadcasts in 20 different languages and it can be tuned in throughout the world. There is also the Vatican television center that broadcast live news.

Vatican has a department in charge of distributing its news i.e. the Vatican Information Service and the Press Office. The two coordinates on how information is distributed to the various channels so as to reach people on time. For example, the department ensures that the schedules of Papal activities are made public at least 3 months before the real event.

With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican news has been circulating on the election process of the new Pope. The news was featured in various world news channels, including the Vatican Radio, until the election process was over. Lately, the Vatican City has a new Pope, Pope Francis I, and this has taken over the world news again. Pope Francis is newly in office and he has a lot of things to accomplish.

Among the latest Vatican news include the story of Pope Francis’ desire to visit Sicily, Pope’s strong position against clerical abuse, Pope’s appointment of top Franciscan to the department of Vatican religious life, the Pope’s messages on those who believe the testimonies of the apostles without necessarily having to see, Pope’s message of courage to accept the mercy of God, Pope appointing Bishop Jackels to lead Dubuque archdiocese, Pope’s thoughts of streamlining his department by putting it together with another Vatican government body, Vatican’s upcoming conference aiming at its research to influence culture through promotion of dialogue between politicians, journalists, medical researchers and students about the latest developments in the research field, Pope’s celebrations Mass with America’s top ranked Latino Bishop Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, Vatican honoring a boy for his courage during trachea transplant, Pope’s thanks message to the State department workers for having worked overtime during the papal transition period, Pope’s thankful message for the foundation for fighting material and spiritual poverty, etc.

There is definitely a lot of news about Vatican. As it is known, it is a beehive of activities; not only religious activities but also economic, political and social activities. The head of Vatican’s social communications office, Archbishop Claudio Mario Celli, has demanded for greater communication within the different Vatican departments which he suggests should include regularly scheduled meetings of different heads of departments.

In general, news from the Vatican involves the activities and schedules of the Pope, the financial, economic, religious and social activities, some clarification news where transparency is demanded, among others. Vatican City being a holy place, the Vatican news keeps people throughout the world updated on the happening in Vatican.