The Vatican gift stores

The Vatican is known for its religious, cultural, historical and political significance. It is filled with spectacular sites, rich Catholic history and culture. There are various gift stores in the Vatican where you can find outstanding items that are associated with the Catholic faith and the Vatican in general. You can find gift shops in the Vatican Library, Museums and others stores specified for this purpose.

The Vatican gift stores are full of various items for sale. Some of the items you will find at the stores include; bracelets, crosses, earrings, ornaments, key chains, necklaces, brooches, bookmarks, rings, rosaries, Vatican medals, spiritual greeting cards, rosary boxes, rosary beads, holly communion gifts, baptism gifts, unique Vatican coins, pendants, magnets, prints and art, pill boxes, hand fans, crucifixes, bibles, books, candles, confirmation gifts, Vatican jewelry, among other Vatican souvenirs and Pope memorabilia. If you buy rosaries, you can then have them blessed by a priest In St. Peter's.

Vatican gifts are available at affordable prices and you will find them in specified stores as you explore the Vatican City state. You don't have to enter the museums in order to find a gift shop. there is a large gift shop just outside of St. Peter, on the left side of the square if you face St. Peter's. Generally, the money collected from the sale of these items is used in charities and humanitarian activities as well as helping the church.

Many tourists visit Vatican City and many of them wish to buy Vatican gifts. The gifts can serve as a souvenir from your visit to the holy Vatican City. So the next time you visit the Vatican, remember to pop in to some of the Vatican gift stores to buy some gifts for yourself, friends, relatives or family members. Some gifts are seasonal and depend on the occasion. For example: during Easter celebrations, one can find many gifts related to the Easter celebrations and inscribed with Easter messages. The same goes for the Christmas celebrations and other occasions such as a new Pope elected. Special memorabilia is made during the period of "sede vacante " (when there is no officiating Pope on the throne of St. Peter's). This memorabilia is particularly popular.

However you don’t have to visit the Vatican City physically in order to get Vatican gifts in the official Vatican gift stores. These items can also be purchased online. For the majority of the Vatican items from the Vatican gift store which are purchased online, you will receive free shipping services plus a free rosary and a free Holy card if you buy gifts of more than $75. So now It is possible to buy these great gifts from the comfort of your home.