The ancient city of Rome

Do you think a person living in the Ancient city of Rome would recognize the city today? This is an interesting question as Rome is one of the cities that have undergone incredible changes since ancient times. Rome is one of the most ancient cities in the world and it is known for its importance and the big role it played in the development of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church. During the ancient days, the city of Rome was faced with several challenges such as civil and political wars. The lack of personal and communal safety and various oppositions led by political leaders led to the destruction of several structures in the city and this affected the city's growth and development.

According to legend the ancient city of Rome was founded by twin brothers Remus and Romulus. The brothers were grandsons of the Late King Numitor of Alba Longa. After some years, Romulus killed his twin brother Remus after they had a quarrel over the location of the Roman Kingdom. However, some say that the quarrel was about who was to rule over the city or which one of them the city would be named after.

During the reign of Romulus, the city of Rome experienced many problems and no other city wanted to trade with it. Though the city's solitude proved very challenging at the time, it formed the basis of the city’s independence and self sustainability. By then, the city of Rome was inhibited by many people especially by women who started their own small businesses.

As a result of military victories, several triumphal arches were also constructed in the city. The arches were constructed to celebrate the military victories and also as a reminder of how powerful the Roman Empire was.

After sometime, the city of Rome started developing drawing lines between the rich and the poor. This led to the establishment of several slums in Rome. It is in these slums that crimes started coming up posing risks to people in the entire city. A police force was established to patrol the slums but nothing changed. Therefore, the current high rates of crime in the modern Rome started back in the ancient days.

With the many human and natural resources in the ancient city of Rome, the economy of Rome started growing and expanding. Agricultural practices started being intensified as trade developed in the city. Small industrial and manufacturing activities also started being established and the city started attracting more prominent people to invest. Tourism was also deepened and the city of Rome started receiving tourists from all over the world.

Rome is the only city in the world that contains an independent state within itself, that is, the Vatican City. During these ancient days, the ancient city of Rome was also the largest city known in the world.

 The city of Rome new an outstanding era of growth until the fall of the Western Roman Empire which started a period of decline that lasted for a few centuries. Thereafter, during the 8th century, the city of Rome started gaining a little stability and it was then that some incredible structures were erected in the city. Some of these buildings and churches are still  present in modern Rome.