Relics in Rome

Rome is an historic city known for its ancient history, tradition, structures and culture. Besides being considered a holy city and headquarter of the Roman Catholic Church, this city is also among the cities with top tourists attractions across the world. As a result of the big role that Rome played in ancient times and the continuous happenings in Rome and the Vatican within it many relics have found there way to Rome. These relics have been conserved for the benefit of both the locals and the many visitors who come to Rome every day. There are many relics in different locations within Rome. If you want to see some of the relics in Rome, then here is a short guideline.

As stated earlier, Rome is an ancient city and is full of historical monuments and items. There are countless religious relics as it was a tradition that every church in Rome was to have a religious relic in it. Generally, a relic can be anything ranging from body parts of saints, remains of the True Cross or even just a piece of cloth that has been rubbed against the tomb of a saint.

Most relics are openly displayed in Rome and people can visit and see them with little restrictions. As a way of revenue collection, Rome has made these relics to attract many viewers who pay a small fee to see them. Due to the strong faith of the Catholic believers many of them come from all corners of the world just to view these holy relics.

The following are some of the relics you can see in Rome:

Saint Peter’s Basilica: the church displays several tombs of the late popes as well as other papal caskets.

San Giovanni in Laterano and the Sancta Santorum: This was the primary basilica of the Catholic Church before St. Peter’s Basilica was built. As such it contains several religious relics among them the heads of St. Peter and Paul, the holy stairs (from Pontius Pilate’s palace), wood from the table used during the Last Supper and the Holy Umbilical Cord.

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva: houses the tombs of Popes Leo X, Clement VII and Paul IV and also St. Catherine (the Patron Saint of Europe).

Santa Croce in Gerusalemme: houses most relics from the Passion of Christ among them thorns from Jesus's crown, Titulus Crucis (the inscribed sign that hung over Jesus during His crucifixion), three pieces of True Cross, the doubting finger of St. Thomas, etc.

St. Maria Maggiore: houses the relic of the Holy Crib, a piece of True Cross, the tombs of St. Matthew, St. Jerome and Pope Pius V, remains from the Holy Manger, etc.

Santa Maria in Cosmedin: houses the Bocca della Verita and casket of St. Valentine including the saint’s skull.

San Paolo Fuori le Mura: contains the tomb of St. Paul and a set of chains believed to be the prison chains of St. Paul.

San Pietro in Vincoli:  This church houses the prison chains of the church’s first pope, St. Peter.

Other relics can be found at San Silvestro in Capite, San Ignazio, Santa Prassede, Santa Prisca, Santi Quattro Coronati, among many other places. Most of the churches in Rome have special Chapels of Relics that house religious and sacred relics belonging to the Catholic Church.

Therefore, visit some of these venues and have a look at some of the well conserved holy relics of the Catholic Church.