Christmas in the Vatican

The Vatican is one of the best places in which you can spend your Christmas holiday. During Christmas, the atmosphere in the Vatican changes and there is holiday cheer in the air as millions of people move in and out of the area. The hotels, bars, restaurants, and recreational facilities become very active as a result of the large number of visitors who tour the city.

There is a great history behind Christmas in the Vatican and among one of the best loved traditions is the placing of the Christmas tree in the St. Peter’s Square. According to the Vatican, the tree is the symbol of the Christmas spirit. Mostly, the Christmas tree is donated by a European country. Therefore if you go to Vatican and see a glittering Christmas tree in the St. Peter’s Square at Vatican, then know that it is Christmas time. Besides the Christmas tree at the St. Peter’s Square, there are two other large Christmas trees erected in Piazza Venezia and another next to the Coliseum. However these are not the only ones there are many other Christmas trees displayed at different locations within Vatican City including a huge tree in Termini station. It is also customary to display nativity scenes at private homes, institutions and public areas.

The Christmas Eve mass at the Vatican is one of the most attended masses at the Vatican. Catholics from Rome and other parts of the world gather at St. Peter’s Square to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with singing, praises, dancing and chanting. It is always a Mass full of joy as people revel in the birth of Jesus. The whole St. Peter’s Square is always colorful with bright lights, flowers and decorations all over the place. Everybody gets in the Christmas mood.

The Vatican Christmas mass is also aired and streamed live by the Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television Center. This enables people who do not make it to St. Peter’s Square to enjoy this colorful event at the comfort of their homes. The ceremony is presided over by the leader of the Catholic Church – the Pope.

If you have never been to the Vatican during the Christmas season, then you need to make plans for this. There are numerous attractions and places that will make your Christmas a lifetime experience. Restaurants with high class facilities and services are always open and in operation 24/7, recreational facilities are ever ready for visitors and the mood alone is extraordinary. You will meet millions of friendly people in Vatican with the same intention of having fun.

During Christmas, the entire Vatican is full of light-decorations which make it look brighter and attractive. Visitors enjoy shopping on streets within Vatican City, eating delicious food in nearby restaurants, touring the various Christmas attractions, visiting the Christmas market in Piazza Navona in Rome and having an opportunity to attend the Christmas Mass at the St. Peter’s Square. Make sure to order tickets for the Mass 2-5 months ahead.

When in Vatican at Christmas time, you will have a once in a lifetime holiday experience.

Please tell us about your best Christmas holiday. Where was it? Do you have special Christmas customs? Share with us in the comment bar below.