A Tour of the Vatican
The Vatican is an exciting place to be in. Many people know the Vatican as one of the holiest places on earth; this is indeed true but there is more to it than that only. Both outside the Vatican museums and inside them, the Vatican has treasures and sites that cannot be found anywhere in the world. First of all, Vatican City is where the most important leader of the Catholic Faith, the Pope, lives. Thus it is one of the most sacred places for any catholic.

If you have never been to Vatican City and you are asking yourself what there is to see at the Vatican when you arrive there, then get ready for the beautiful monuments and breathtaking sites; both inside and outdoors. There are numerous places to visit in the Vatican. Among some of the more popular sites are the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican gardens, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Vatican necropolis. These sites are among the world’s most visited sites. They are both attractive and fascinating, especially for history art and architecture buffs. You can book a Vatican Private guided tour or a Vatican guided tour in order to visit any of these places with a professional guide. If you are booking a private tour you can plan ahead with the guide and decide which parts of the Vatican you wish to focus on. The booking can be done online and the guided tours are given in the language of your choice.

You can decide to visit the Vatican on your own or be part of the group tours and hear the inside stories of Vatican. It is recommended to go on official Vatican tours which will be conducted by official Vatican Tour Guides. A Vatican tour takes the visitors through the most interesting religious, cultural and historical sites of the Vatican.

The cost of these tours is quite low compared to equivalent tours in other areas of the world. On the tour you will enjoy the combination of Ancient History, Christian history, art, archaeology and architecture. There are several agencies that have been established to make sure that your Vatican tour is a success. The agencies offer their online services on a 24/7 basis and they will make full reservations for you prior to the actual visit. If you choose to book with these agencies there is no fear that you will be told to wait before you may undertake the tour; everything will be arranged and planned before you arrive at the Vatican.

There are also world class restaurants where you will enjoy delicious meals after your Vatican tour. There are also recreational facilities that will make you relax after all the walking during your Vatican tour. A Vatican private tour also varies in terms of it's length, time of the day and content of the tour. If you are confused or unaware about what to see at the Vatican, the qualified Vatican tour guides will give you details on the available tours and take you through the tours. Hence there is no need to worry even if it is your first time in the Vatican.