What is Rome?

By 5/22/2018

What is Rome?

When we talk about Rome or Roma we may be referring to more than the modern day city of Rome, the national capital of Italy: a modern European city with a population of more than 2.8 million residents, and the seat of the Italian government.

What is Rome? When we speak of Rome we could also be referring to the historical city of Rome, founded more than 2500 years ago and once the capital (Caput Mundi) of the Roman Empire which is considered to be the cradle of western civilization. Later on, after the middle ages, Rome was to become one of the most important centers of the Italian renaissance. At this period famous architects and artists, such as Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini contributed to some of Rome's most famous landmarks. The monuments, artifacts and the works of art dating back to these periods or even further back to prehistoric times are considered to be treasures of immense importance and great Value. Many of them can be found in Rome's numerous museums.

What is Rome? When we talk about the city of Rome, Italy, We could also be talking about one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Rome attracts 7 to 10 Million tourists every year. Tourists come to visit its historical monuments such as the Colosseum (Coliseum) and The Imperial Forum, its historical and contemporary art museums, and its beautiful Villas and colorful markets. There are so many places to see in Rome! Rome's entire historic center is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. With a bustling night life and a delightful cuisine it is an ideal destination for the life loving tourist.

Alternately when we talk about Rome, we could be speaking about a holy city to the Roman Catholic Christian faith, the seat of the Papacy since the 1st century AD and later home to Vatican City. Traditionally it is said that The See of Rome was founded by Saint Peter who first held the position of the Pope or Bishop of Rome. St. Peter's basilica in the Vatican is the largest religious building in the world. Today Rome has a Cathedral and more than 900 Churches and some of the most important churches to Catholicism can be found here as well as many important Catholic institutes. In this sense, for people of the Catholic faith, Rome is more than a tourist attraction but also a center for pilgrimage and Prayer.

All Roads lead to Rome
Then what is Rome really? Of course all of these "Romes" are interconnected though some are more easily visible than others. There are many more sides to Rome including its lively sports clubs, its street Cafes, the fascinating Modernist architecture, and much more. You could say that there is something in Rome for everyone. So what is Rome? The truth is that Rome is a city that needs to be experienced first hand: watch chatty groups of nuns enjoying their gelato, walk through the hidden passageways and take a stroll along the Tiber while watching a throng of locals zooming by on motorcycles and enjoy the smells and tastes of "The Eternal City. Can't book a flight ticket and visit Rome right now? Visit our Site to learn more about Rome and the Vatican.