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Day Trips from Rome

By 5/15/2018

Day Trips from Rome, Italy

If you are interested in leaving the bustling city for a day or half a day here are a few popular destinations for day trips from Rome. The most popular destinations for an excursion are the towns Tivoli and Orvieto and Ancient Tarquinia . All of these towns are about an hour, hour and a half away from Rome making them ideal destinations for a day trip.

Tivoli is situated in the Lazio region and is about an hour's trip away from Rome. Most of the sightseeing in Tivoli focuses on two of Tivoli's main tourist attractions. Villa d'Este and Hadrian's Villa. Villa d'Este is a Renaissance Villa considered to be a fine example of Renaissance Architecture and landscaping. It was built for Cardinal Ippolito (II) d'Este. The gardens and fountains surrounding it are are breathtakingly beautiful. Please notice that the Villa is closed on Mondays. Tickets cost 8 Euros.
Hadrian's villa was the the Roman emperor's summer retreat. It's a fascinating archaeological site. Hadrian's Villa is open every day from 9:00 am untill an hour and a half before the sunset. You can get to Tivoli by train from Rome's Tiburtina Train station or by bus from Ponte mammolo station.

Tarquinia is also in the Lazio Region and about 92 Kilometers from Rome. Tarquinia has a rich Etruscan and medieval history. It's considered one of the best places in which you can see Etruscan tombs. It is an official UNESCO world heritage site. You can get to Tarquinia by train from Ostiense train station.

Orvieto is located in the south of Umbria, about 96 Kilometers (60 miles) north from Rome. It's very easy to get to Orvieto by Train. The main attractions in Orvieto are the Pozzo di San Patrizio (St Patricks Well) and the Duomo as well as other Churches and monuments . Orvieto has a rich history starting from the Etruscan Era. In the Museum of Archaeology you can see artifacts from the Etruscan period in Orvieto.

Another great and easy option for a short day trip is to visit "Ostia Antica", the port of the ancient city of Rome located by the modern Roman suburb Ostia. You can take a train that gets there from Piramide metro station. You must buy tickets in order to enter the actual archaeological site. Also, If you feel like relaxing on the beach you can go to the beach at Ostia Lido. This is the beach closest to Rome. Ostia lido has both public and private beaches.

If you don't mind traveling for longer you can also go on a day trip to Florence. If you have the time it is advised to spend more then one day there as there is so much to see, but if not- a short visit is better than nothing!
If you are only going for the day it's a good idea to take a fast train from Termini station and not one of the regional ones.